T25 Beta Update

I am now three weeks into doing the T25 Beta workouts as supplements for my regular triathlon training! AND, I have now officially completed all of the workouts. Since I only do T25 two to three times a week, and on those days, my goals are upper, lower body, or core; it took a while to incorporate ALL of the workouts into my training cycle.

Overall, I can say with absolute certainty, that I had nothing to worry about as far as transitioning to the Beta cycle. I was so nervous at the end of the 5 weeks of Alpha, that I did an extra three weeks of it before venturing into the Beta workouts. The Alpha ones were so hard, that I thought I would die in Beta! I was pleasantly surprised, however. Overall, the Beta workouts are not THAT much harder than Alpha. They have a few more complex moves, and the pace is MUCH faster, but the adaptation from Alpha to Beta is A LOT easier than the adaptation from traditional workouts to T25 ALPHA! Hahah…..much less of a shock to my system. Also, I think the Beta workouts are more fun too! The moves are a little more exciting to do than in Alpha. The Alpha workouts are pretty much just endless squats, lunges, jumps, jump squats, sprint squats, squat, squat, squat…. IMG_0934[1]The Beta workouts add a little more variety. But don’t worry-they still have a lot of squats :)

I think my favorite workout in the Beta cycle is the Rip’t Circuit. I like it so much because it works the WHOLE body! Upper body, lower body, abs, and even cardio. It’s a great quick resistance workout for every part of the body. Also, there are any super hard moves either. Right now, I’m doing the workouts with a resistance band, but I’d like to get some weights to use for it because that would make it a little harder :) IMG_0899[1]

Mondays are my “strength training” day, so I typically do Rip’t Circuit, and then either Upper or Lower Focus (from Alpha). This gives me a good hard 50 minute strength session, so I feel justified in not going to the gym and lifting weights :) Wednesdays, I have inserted an optional T25 workouts on whatever I want. Last night I did Speed 2.0 for the first time! Then, on Saturdays, if I do a T25 video, it’s typically the Stretch one-I love it after my long runs and swims. Then Sundays are my core days. I try and do at least one if not two videos both focusing on the core.

So, I technically only have two weeks left of the T25 “Challenge”. However, I have turned it into a regular part of my triathlon training, so I think I’m going to continue to do the workouts 2-3 days per week and just maintain it for the rest of my triathlon training. Even though they’re still really hard for me, I like the challenge, and I like the different type of strength training that it provides me. The gym always bores me and I’ve never enjoyed typical lifting, so this seems to work!

How do you guys get your strength training in? Are you traditional lifters? Do you do Cross-Fit? Do you do different workout videos like this that focus on strength? I’d love to hear your preferences and why you do what you do!

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