T25 update

Hey all! We have finished week 3 of T25, so I wanted to give you an update on how it’s going! You may remember from our first experience with it, that it was KILLER! Well, since that first day, we have improved a lot! We can both make it through a whole workout without stopping (yes, that’s an achievement), my balance is improving (I don’t fall over when I’m on one foot anymore), and I can ALMOST do everything without having to follow the “modifier”. In the program, they have 5 people doing the exercises, and one girl is the “modifier”. She does easier versions of the exercises for people who aren’t able to do as much jumping or crazy moves. Anyway, there is only one workout-the Total Body Workout (hardest 25 minutes EVER!) that I have to follow the modifier for a few moves. We’ve been taking measurements weekly as well to follow our progress. So far, my legs have stayed the same size, my arms are each 1 cm smaller (not good, I’m hoping for muscle!), and my waist is 2cm smaller. Since we are only 3 weeks in, I wasn’t hoping for much, but hopefully in the next few weeks we’ll start to see some changes!

John is improving as well. He prefers to follow the modifier for most of the workouts, but he is sticking with it and getting more comfortable with the exercises.

We felt pretty good about ourselves when we visited my family, because we had my siblings do the workouts with us, and since it was their first time, we were better than them! Well…more coordinated at least :) Haha, it was a fun show for my parents to see us all in there trying to follow the video.



So according to the program calendar, we have 7 weeks to go. However, we may do the “alpha” program (the first 5 weeks of workouts) for 10 weeks, then do the “beta” (the next 5 weeks of workouts) for 5 weeks after that. We feel like since we are doing this simply as “cross training”, that it doesn’t matter if we finish it in 10 weeks-we just want to improve our strength and fitness. For this reason, we feel like it would be most beneficial for us to really master the alpha workouts before moving up to the beta. Any thoughts from readers who have done T25 before???

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