Theme for this year: Press on toward the goal

I think it’s important to have a purpose, a theme, or a reason for doing what we do. Whether it be racing, training, or a different aspect of our life. This year, for my training and racing, my theme is “Press on toward the goal”. Back in January, I picked this theme. It is on my Facebook page picture, and it’s also on my Road ID.


Both are a reminder to me of what I want to accomplish and strive toward this year.

Please disregard my poor painting skills :)

Please disregard my poor paint skills :)

So what does “Press on toward the goal” mean? Well, it has a two-fold meaning. The first is obvious: I want to remind myself that I am working toward one main athletic goal this year-to qualify for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships. Every training day and every race is designed to help me get to that goal. That’s why I love seeing it on my wrist every time I look down at my watch during running repeats!

The second meaning is maybe a little less obvious to some of you, but it is really the greater meaning to this theme. I got this phrase from a loose paraphrase of the Bible passage, Philippians 3:14 which reads “I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” This means that during my training and racing this year, I am striving toward the ultimate goal and that is to honor Christ. It is my goal this year to reflect Christ in my actions throughout training and racing. Whether I win or loose, whether I qualify for World Championships doesn’t matter if I’m not accomplishing this goal.

So that’s what I strive toward, and that is my theme for this year. As I prepare to race my first triathlon in a few weeks, I hope I am “pressing toward the goal”!

Do you have a theme for your training and racing? 

How about a mantra?

Any epic goals for you this year?

I’d love to hear of ways you are able to remind yourself of your goals!

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