Training Update: First two weeks of work

Sorry I missed you last week, I was too busy having an awesome weekend with my little family so I didn’t get a chance to sit down and update you. :) I started back to work the 2nd week of August, so I’ve not completed my first two weeks of work at my new job! I love it! I’ve just been in my office prepping for classes, and then attending some new employee training classes. Next week is all meetings, and then we start classes the 29th! It’s getting real! So, I got in workouts every day I wanted to but, a few highlights from two weeks ago….

-Monday, baby girl started daycare. It was a sad day!! She actually did great, I just missed her after having 3 straight months with her!

-I got to swim TWICE! Yep, I loooooove having a pool at work! Also, did I mention, it’s in the same building as my office?? How awesome is that. :) IMG_4673

-Saturday I did a 10 mile run WITHOUT the stroller. That was pretty great. :) Then in the afternoon, we all went tubing down the local river! We had a blast! Best part? It was free (minus the cost of purchasing tubes for us)!

Just enjoying life on the lazy river with the babe :)

Just enjoying life on the lazy river with the babe :)

-Sunday I took off of training because we went to an aquatic center with a co-worker of mine. It was so great! They had water entertainment for all ages! A little kiddie pool for our baby, and big kid slides for Noah!

Noah going down the steep slide!

Noah going down the steep slide!

Ok, so THIS past week, here’s how my workouts went.

Monday: I made up for not biking on Sunday and got in my ride Monday morning. Just 45 minutes because baby woke.

Tuesday: I had an interesting run. Half with stroller, and half without. :) Baby woke super early, so my husband hung out with her until he had to leave for work, then I put her in the stroller for the rest of my run. Got in 6 miles total with 3x5min hard efforts. Not horrible…

Wednesday: More of the same as far as my bike ride….just 45 min.

Thursday: You guessed it, baby woke early again. Daycare has been taking a toll on her sleeping…. I decided to put her in the stroller for my whole run and she fell asleep, so I did 7.6 miles while she napped. :) During my break at work, I was able to fit in 2,200yds of swimming as well. I actually did a workout for the first time in like forever too. :)

Friday: “Hallelujah chorus!!” Baby slept till almost 7am which meant I got in an hour bike ride AND showered before she woke up!

Saturday: My first race in 4 months, AND my first triathlon since before I got pregnant! It was a tiny triathlon, but it was nice to do a swim, bike, run again after sooooo long! I’ll put a race report out this week.

1st place overall! Yea....more on that in my race report

1st place overall! Yea….more on that in my race report

So, there’s a brief update of my life the past two weeks!

How has your training been going this summer?

Any races lined up?

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