Tri Talk Tuesday: Lessons Learned!

It’s time for Tri Talk Tuesday! I’m linking up with CourtneyMiranda, and Cynthia and they’ve selected the theme: Lessons Learned in Triathlon. Tri-Talk-TuesdayI’ve obviously learned SO MUCH in the last 2 years of training and racing triathlons! I started out as a runner, so I had to learn everything about swimming, biking, transitions, brick workouts, heart rate training, and fueling! Obviously, that’s way too much to write about in one post, so I’m actually going to write about the LIFE lessons I learned through being a triathlete! Because believe it or not, there’s actually a lot you can learn about life by being a triathlete (or any athlete). So here are the lessons I have learned in the last 2 years.

1. There may only be 24 hours in a day, but you sure can pack a lot of training time into those hours if you plan ahead! 


I had to seriously tweak my workout schedule when I started training for triathlons, but once I figured out what my plan was, it was “easy” to get my workouts done. My main tip: Do one workout first thing in the morning so that you only have to shower once before going to work. Then do your second workout (if applicable) after dinner.

2. Even though you’re tired from training, that’s not an excuse to “slack off” on house work, garden work, etc 

I may want to rest with my feet up after every workout; but I can't always do that!

I may want to rest with my feet up after every workout; but I can’t always do that!

My husband is VERY gracious, but I did have to learn that even though I was working out several hours a week, I still needed to manage my house. That is my first “job” as a wife, and I needed/still need to work hard at keeping the house in order and making sure my husband has food, clean clothes, and a nice place to live! Yes, it’s tiring, but it’s worth it to have a happy husband! Then, in turn, he continues to support my efforts!

3. You will have friends (or even random people you’ve just met!) who don’t understand what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, or what you’re even talking about. Patiently answer their questions then try to shift the conversation toward some SHARED knowledge. :) 

Haha, just one of the many questions I've been asked by people who meet me :)

Haha, just one of the many questions I’ve been asked by people who meet me :)

I have several friends or acquaintances that just don’t understand anything about my athletic self. I’ve found that finding common ground to discuss makes conversations much more enjoyable. :)

4. Let’s be real. The days of sleeping in are over. The days of waking up without feeling sore are over. Your weekends? They’re also over. :) 

You'll spend many a weekend getting up before the sun to train or race! But you'll love it!

You’ll spend many a weekend getting up before the sun to train or race! But you’ll love it!

You really develop a new lifestyle when you become a triathlete. It’s not for everyone, I know. But I like it :) What would I do during the weekend if I didn’t have long runs, swims, and bikes?!

5. Every day is different. Every workout is different. Don’t “beat yourself up” over a bad workout, and don’t take a good workout for granted. Embrace each day and each workout. Whatever the outcome, use it to grow! 

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