Tri Talk Tuesday: Race Prep on Race Morning

It’s time for Tri Talk Tuesday! I’m linking up with CourtneyMiranda, and Cynthia and they’ve selected the theme: Race Prep. I’ve talked on my blog before about prepping for a race beforehand, and how I use a packing list. Today though, I’m going to talk specifically about race prep on race morning! Race morning can either be very stressful and rushed, or it can be methodical, relaxing, and mentally confidence-boosting. Your choice. :) I choose to be prepared and have race morning go smoothly. Here’s what I do!

On race morning, I set my alarm for 30 minutes before I need to leave the hotel (or my house if it’s local). In any race, I try and arrive two hours prior to my wave start.

Upon arrival at the race site, here is what I do in order of doing it. Yes, I’m OCD and do everything the same, every race! I carry everything I need in my trusty TYR triathlon bag, and have it packed the same way for every race as well. :)image (14)

-Bring my bike into transition (if it hasn’t been checked in the night before). 10489808_10152527302214508_8861463852964839944_n

-Rack my bike and shift through every gear to make sure it is shifting smoothly.

-Mix my nutrition in my bike bottles and place them in their holders. You can check out what nutrition I use in a previous post, here. 753_840763966524_1716795014_n

-Rest my helmet and sunglasses on my handle bars

-Lay my towel under my bike in my transition section.

-Place my bike shoes & socks toward the front of the towel, with my gel flask right beside them.

-Behind the bike shoes, I place my running visor, handheld water bottle (which contains frozen water), and race bib.

-After everything is set up, I strap on my timing chip (if applicable), grab my shoes, and head out for a 10 minute warm up jog. This jog is purely to calm my nerves. A 10 minute jog an hour to an hour and a half before the swim of a triathlon does very little to get yourself ready for the run several hours away. :) Running relaxes me, so that’s what I do.

-Next is a port-a-potty stop! Frequently, I’m lucky enough to run the race route, and hit up a port-a-potty along the route. It works out nicely, because it’s CLEAN, and there’s no line! If not, there’s plenty of time to wait in line after I get back to transition.

-After the jog, I head back to transition, put my shoes & socks back in their spot, and get my swim stuff ready.

-Prep to leave transition for the last time before the race start. Bring my triathlon bag, wet suit, cap, & goggles with me.

-Take a few pre-race pics :)

John and I before the start!

-Maybe hit up the port-a-potty again.

-Put on my wet suit, cap & goggles

-Pre-race swim. I don’t have a hard and fast time that I like to warm up for. I just swim around a little, make sure I’m comfortable in the water, practice sighting, and review the course in front of me.DSC06439

-After the warm-up swim is over, I usually have some time to spare, so I wait around, relax, talk to people, review my race plan in my head, visit the port-a-potty again, eat a last minute gel, ect.

-Then I line up in my swim wave, focus on listening to the music that’s being played (it relaxes me), stretch my shoulders a little, walk up to the swim start, take a deep breath, and jump on in!DSC06445

Do you have a typical pre-race routine that you do?

How early do you arrive to your race?

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