Tri Talk Tuesday: Race Season Planning

Hello readers! Yes, I know, I’ve taken quite a sabbatical from blogging! However, I wanted to put a quick post in because the Tri Talk Tuesday girls are back up and running and are talking about a fun topic today! So, I’m linking up with You Signed Up For WHAT?!Blisters and Black Toenails, and The TriGirl Chronicles to talk about race season planning!

Conveniently enough, I spent much of yesterday planning out the first part of my race season. As some of you have read, I plan to do most of my races locally next year. Not that I don’t love traveling, but it adds extra stress, logistics, and $$$. So, I’m going to spend a year racing close to home, and doing more races so that I can improve!

Here is what I think about when I plan a racing season:

1) What is my “A” race?

For next season, I actually don’t have any huge lofty goals-I just want to improve. However, I do still have an “A” race, and it’s much earlier in the season that usual. in 2015, my “A” race will be the ORRRC marathon in April. I’ll obviously still be doing a lot of triathlons during the season, but my biggest race will be this marathon.

My finish at the ORRRC Marathon last year.

My finish at the ORRRC Marathon last year.

2) Once you’ve established when your “A” race is, build other races around the “A” race.

You don’t want to have another race too close to the “A” race, but you don’t want it too far away either. Ideally you want your last race before your “A” race to be about 4 weeks earlier. Then the next race after the “A” race should be at least 4 weeks later. This will give you plenty of time to recover physically AND mentally before your next race.

3) Build in some “fun” races into the schedule!

This is where I’ve struggled in the past. The last two seasons, every race has been important in some way. Either practicing for my “A” race, trying to PR, trying to qualify, or racing my “A” race! Next season, I plan on doing A LOT of fun races! I’ve already signed up for two indoor bike time trials that sound super fun! They are in January and February. I figure this will be a good way to kick off my triathlon season training and challenge myself early in the bike!

How do you plan your racing season?

Anyone ever done an indoor bike time trial? Any tips for me?? :)

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