Tri Talk Tuesday: Reverse-Tapering

It’s Tuesday! This week on Tri Talk Tuesday, I’m linking up with Courtney, and Cynthia to talk about tapering! However, since I have no races in the near future, and I’m still recovering from my most recent adventure, I’m talking specifically about REVERSE-tapering! :) Tri-Talk-Tuesday

I recently came across an article from Runner’s World on reverse tapering. In the article, it gives guidelines for how to recover from a half or full marathon. I don’t quite fall into that category, so I’ve kind of been making up my own “reverse taper” plan.

From what I’ve read, recovery or reverse tapers should be 4 weeks long. Just like a normal taper, they should have progressive changes in the work load each week. In a normal taper, those changes should be progressively decreased. In a reverse taper, you should progressively increase your workload each week. Here’s what my reverse taper has looked like so far.

Week 1: Walking every day, stretching, core work, 1 easy run on the last day of the week.

Typically my first week after a half Ironman won’t be as light as this one was, but since it was my last race of a LONG, hard season, I wanted to take the time off mostly for a mental recovery! When I started training again, I wanted to WANT to train again. :)

Week 2: 3 days of VERY easy runs (slower than 8 minute pace), only 45min-60 min. 2 days of biking 60 min at recovery pace. 1 day of swimming 20 min of drills. Lots of lifting and T25 :)

After a week of doing nothing, week 2 felt AWESOME to exercise again! I didn’t want to over-do it though, so I didn’t go long or hard.

Week 3: I’m currently in week 3 right now. The plan is 3 days of running. 1 long run of 10 miles, two “short” 6 mile runs. 3 bike rides. A 90 minute ride, and two 60 minute rides. Two days of swimming 30-45 min. Lifting 2x a week, and a few T25 workouts.

Week 4: I don’t anticipate increasing my intensity of my “workouts” for several months, but I will increase my length of each workout by 10-15 min during week 4 and then hold steady there until probably December when I gear up for next year!

Have you ever done a “reverse” taper?

What did yours look like?


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