Tri Talk Tuesday: Sticking to your plans

I was going to link up with Courtney at Tri Girl Chronicles for the usual Tri Talk Tuesday today, but I realized she and her co-writers are taking a break until Feb 3rd. So, I’m going to do my own Tri Talk Tuesday post. This time of the year, the gyms are flooded with what I call “January-gym-goers”. People make new years resolutions to “get in shape” or train for a triathlon or a marathon. They’re very motivated! ….for a few weeks. Then, mid January and into February, the gym cleans out a little and you wonder where everyone went. I’m all for people wanting to better themselves and get fit, but it seems like a lot of people struggle with maintaining those resolutions. So, today, I’m going to give some tips to help with sticking to YOUR plans! Whatever they may be: “getting in shape”, run a marathon, or complete a triathlon (any distance). 

1) Establish exactly what your plan is.

People who have resolutions such as “I want to get in shape”, “I’ll go to the gym this year”, “I’ll sign up for a triathlon” typically struggle fulfilling those plans because they’re too vague. Identify to yourself exactly what “in shape” means to you, how often you’ll go to the gym, and what race you plan to sign up for—just go ahead and sign up for that one! 

2) Pick a goal and work toward it

Some people do really well with an “end-goal” in sight. That’s why races are so popular; because people pick a new distance as their goal, and race it at the end of their training journey as an accomplishment! So, if you want to do a triathlon this year, pick which one, find a good training plan that fits in your schedule, and work toward it! You’ll find it’s a lot harder to skip out on workouts if you actually have something on your schedule that you’ve already PAID for and have to train up to!

3) Join a gym with group fitness classes

Studies show that you’re more likely to stick to a fitness routine if you’re working out with other people. Other people help with comradery, accountability, and a social outlet for you may be just what you need to stick to your plan of health and fitness!

4) Tell someone what your plan is

This goes along with tip #1, but once you’ve identified your plan, tell other people about it. That’s one reason why I love blogging, because once I’ve written down what I plan to do, I feel like I’m letting people down if I don’t fulfill what I said! It sounds funny, but it actually helps. Also, if you just tell a friend what you plan to do, they will likely check in with you to see how you’re doing (if they’re a good friend!), and you’ll feel guilty explaining to them that you stopped working out after just two weeks! So, tell someone what you plan to do! You can tell ME what your fitness plans are on here by commenting below! I’ll be glad to cheer you on and hold you accountable!

5) Develop a schedule/routine

Working out is A LOT easier if you turn it into part of your daily routine. Get up at the same time every day, go to work at the same time, work out at the same time. Also, try to plan ahead what type of exercise you will do each day. This will make you less likely to hit that snooze or watch tv instead of doing your workout-because you already know WHAT you’re supposed to do and WHEN!

So tell me, what are your plans this year?

Taking a leap and training for a triathlon?

I’d love to hear all about them!

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