Tri Talk Tuesday: Swimming Tools & Gadgets

It’s time for Tri Talk Tuesday! Tri-Talk-TuesdayThis week, CourtneyMiranda, and Cynthia have selected the theme: Swimming Tools & Gadgets. There are soooo many gadgets you can get for swimming these days, and it seems as though every triathlete has different “go-to” tools for working on their swimming form. Here are my top 5 “must haves” for swimming!

1. My number one favorite tool for all three sports is my Garmin 910XT!IMG_0940[1] It has functions for both lap swimming and open water swimming! In lap swimming it counts your laps in either meters or yards. For open water swimming, it uses GPS and calculates your distance and pace by that. In addition, it tracks your course, so you can pull it up on garmin connect after you’re done and see how fast you swam, but more importantly, how STRAIGHT you swam!

2. My Halo Swim Bench. I won’t say this is a “must have” for everyone, but for me, I am glad I have it! It helps work on my swim form, but also helps strengthen my arms which helps my speed AND endurance!



3. My TYR Swim Mesh Mummy Bag! This bag is awesome because it is big enough to hold all my gear, suit, and towel, AND it’s mesh so I don’t have to worry about things getting wet and not trying! It is my favorite gear bag for bringing to the pool. GetThumbnail

4. Pull buoy. Probably most swimmers use this, and I am one of them! I love it as a tool to build my arm endurance, but also it helps A LOT with core strength and balance while you are rotating to breath! It takes a lot more focus to rotate properly when there’s a buoy between your legs! I use it at least once a week during my off-season. Not so much when I’m doing open water swims. :) 

5. PT Paddles. These are a little different than traditional paddles you see swimmers using. They make it more difficult for you to swim faster, and thus you have to have a perfect stroke if you are to make it through the water quickly. They also identify if you are unbalance because you’ll find yourself feeling like you’re sinking if you aren’t! I also use these about once a week during the off-season. They’re great for drill days!


So there’s my favorite tools for swimming!

What are your favorite swim gadgets? 

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