Triathlete meets domestication

I am a triathlete. Most people do not see me as the typical housewife. However, on occasion, I portray some signs of domestication. :) This weekend, I hosted my first EVER baby shower. I have never hosted a shower of any kind before, and I’ve only ever been to ONE baby shower ever. BUT, one of my co-workers and friends is having her first baby, so I offered to host a shower for her this past weekend!

I quickly realized after deciding to do this that showers typically have some sort of themed games and snacks… I am not the most creative, and certainly not the most girly, so I went straight to the internet to find good baby shower games and food! I decided on two fun, but not too cheesy games, and then I searched for some good desserts to make.

My friend isn’t a crazy health nut, but I have noticed she is on the healthier side-makes her own food, doesn’t eat out much, ect. So I really wanted to make something from scratch to honor that. I found a great recipe on for sour cream cupcakes! They looked fairly healthy considering they were cupcakes, AND the best part was I had all the ingredients, so I didn’t have to go grocery shopping! Score! image-41The cupcakes were super easy to make! I was actually surprised. Usually I just use a box mix to make cupcakes, but I may make them from scratch from now on :) While they were baking, I mixed together the frosting (also used sour cream). Once they were cooled, I frosted them, and put them in the fridge to wait for the shower! image-42It was a fun night, and I think my friend really enjoyed it! Ok, pretty sure I met my domestication quota for the week-time to go back to being an athlete!! 😉



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