Triathlete’s birthday

This weekend was my birthday! John and I had a great day together :) It wasn’t your typical birthday though-it was definitely a triathlete’s birthday :)

We started the morning by having breakfast with a couple friends of mine. IMG_0979[1]

Then after church, John and I went out for lunch. When we got back from lunch, I hoped on my bike and rode for 3 hours (nope, don’t even get a day off on my birthday!) During the ride though, I got to talk to a few family members on the phone who had called to wish me happy birthday, so that was nice and helped pass the time! After the ride, I went for my usual 15 minute run. That ended my required training for the day.

However…it was a super nice day out, and according to the weather, we are about to have a horrible week of rain and cold, so we wanted to make the best of it! After my shower, we headed out to our favorite hiking trails and walked along them for about an hour. After that, we spent a while outside our house walking around and investigating our plants and trees that are budding! Such a great evening :) To top off the night, I had a very yummy birthday cupcake that my husband bought me :) IMG_0972[1]

As if that wasn’t enough, I received some excellent triathlete-specific gifts from my family!! You already know about my very early birthday present from my mom-my medal and bib holder! IMG_0946[1]Along with that, my mom also bought me a Road ID! I’ve wanted one for a while, so I’m pretty excited about it! Then my older sister sent me a new sports bra! One can never have enough sports bras :)IMG_0978[1]Last but not least, my younger sister sent me one of her distance bowls!! I’ve been eyeing this one ever since she made a batch for my giveaway a couple months back! 1927167_10153798586980103_360340506_nAll in all, it was a pretty great day :) I am definitely blessed with great family, friends, and husband!




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