Triathlon Packing Checklist

I mentioned yesterday that my first triathlon of the season is this Sunday. Those of you who have done triathlons know there is a lot of “stuff” you need to bring. I personally am always afraid I’m going to forget something for race day, so I always pack the day before, AND I always have a packing checklist. This makes me much less likely to forget something! Also, with John doing the first two triathlons of the season with me, I’ll be packing for two-so I REALLY don’t want to forget anything! Here’s my list so far.

Wear to start

Tri top and bottom

HR monitor & Garmin (charged)


1 Espresso Gel

2 pair of goggles

2 swim caps

Wet suit

Tri slide



Tool kit and pump

1 Gel Flask

Aero bar bottle full of Perpetuem

Reservoir bottle full of water with Endurolytes Fizz

Helmet & Sunglasses

Bike shoes

Bike computer (charged)

Fuel belt bib holder


1 gel for transition

Quantum cool Arm sleeves if hot


Socks & Running shoes

Hand-held bottle full of Perpetuem and Fizz & 1 gel in pouch


Recoverite in blender bottle

Change of clothes

As you can see, this is a pretty exhaustive list, and everything here will take up a lot of room. Luckily, last year, John and I purchased two triathlon back packs. There are tons of pockets in them, so I can keep everything organized, AND there are clips on the outside which work nicely to clip my helmet and wet suit bag on! Literally everything I need for race day (aside from the bike tool box and pump) fit in this bag.image (14)

Do you think I need to bring anything else?

How do you pack for your races?


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