Vacation Update!

We are having a great week of vacation with the fam in New Hampshire! I have been loving being able to bike the New Hampshire roads! Ohio leaves a little to be desired when it comes to scenery. :)

Yesterday, John, my sister Leah, and her husband Peter drove to the town bike shop so that Leah and I could check out some bikes. Yes, I went bike shopping!! I’ve been realizing more and more that it is advantageous to have both a tri bike AND a road bike. Yes, I know, I’m addicted. :) Anyway, I found the perfect bike for me, and long story short, I bought it! Sadly though, it has to be shipped so we have to wait to pick it up until next time we are in New Hampshire!! Leah ended up loving the bike as well though, so she is getting it in her size (which, of course, they had!)

It's a Specialized Ruby Comp

It’s a Specialized Ruby Comp. You like??

After we looked at the bikes (and Leah finished her demo process so that she could ride MY/HER bike), we headed out on our ride. This was a fairly flat area of New Hampshire, and we enjoyed some pretty gradual rolling hills with only a few steep inclines. image (50)It was just a recovery ride for me, so we went at a very relaxed pace and just enjoyed the view. Or at least I did! I’m getting a little too comfortable on my tri bike, I think. The roads were just so smooth though, it was easy to whip out my phone and snap a few pics!

My attempt at getting myself and the other three in one pic.....didn't work!

My attempt at getting myself and the other three in one pic…..didn’t work!

image (49)We had a really fun time biking together! Even with the hills, we made it back in the same time it took to go out, AND John didn’t get muscle cramps! Overall, it was quite a successful event. I was wishing I’d gotten to demo the bike for a long ride as well (I just took it for a short 5 minute ride), but based on Leah’s satisfaction with it, I figured it will be a good one for me as well!

We are looking forward to the rest of our week here and are already sad to leave!

Do you train on vacation?

What do you like best about “train-cations”?

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