My Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wanted to take today to celebrate my Valentine :) He is a main reason why I am the athlete I am today. He is such an encouragement and support for me. Any endeavor I’ve taken, any goal I’ve sought, he has been right there pushing me to go after it :) He has also striven to seek enjoyment in the athletic activities I enjoy. I feel very blessed to have been given the perfect partner for me :)

When John and I first started dating, he was not a runner. He had very little interest in it at all. However, he started running. At first, I think it was to impress me, but eventually I think he grew to like it. He still doesn’t love it, but he has done several races with me, and continues to do so. 406051_719615354314_88456927_n

John did, however, enjoy biking before we started dating. I too liked biking, but was not an avid biker. Since he liked it though, I started getting into it. Through the years, we both have grown to love biking more and more, and very much enjoy biking together!  936337_794846600294_705553768_n

As I already mentioned, John has helped me pursue and achieve what I used to consider impossible dreams. Early on in our dating, I told him that it was always my dream to do a full triathlon. I said this lightly, not thinking it would ever happen. John however, could see that deep down, I really wanted to do it, and he made it his goal to help me. John read every possible (it seemed) book on triathlon training, he built my bike for me, purchased a gym membership for me, and took me to swimming classes! In addition to that, he went to all of my races with me, and lovingly coached me through my first year as a triathlete. By the end of the season, I completed my goal-a full triathlon. I did above and beyond what I could have ever imagined, and I owe much of it to him :) When I crossed the finish line at Rev 3, this picture was taken. John bought the rights and made it into a photo plaque and gave it to me this morning!image-23

He is my best friend, amazing coach, and an even better husband. Happy Valentine’s day, my Valentine!

I hope you all have a great Valentine’s day. Whether you are spending the day with your significant other, or you are surrounded by other people you love, I hope you let them know how much you do love them!

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