Warm Weather Training Tips

Tuesday was my first warm weather training run I’ve done this year. It was 81 degrees and VERY sunny. I was so excited to run in the warmth again after such a long winter, that I didn’t take some necessary precautions that should be done when working back into warm weather training. Thankfully, I didn’t suffer anything worse than a sunburn, but it is a pretty bad one. :(

not happy being a lobster!

Not happy being a lobster!

When I got home after my run, I discovered this lovely surprise, and I immediately regretted my lack of planning. SO, for any of you runners who haven’t ventured out in the hot weather yet (or if it’s not hot where you are yet), here are some tips for when you get out there!

1) Wear sunscreen! This was my epic fail. Not only does it prevent you from getting burnt, but it also helps keep your skin temperature lower and thus may help prevent or delay heat illness.

2) Wear gear that helps protect your skin from the sun. I typically wear a visor or a hat (though didn’t on Tuesday). Also, I just purchased a pair of Quantum Cool arm sleeves. image (12)I planned on wearing them, but realized when I got to the track that I’d left them at home! Along with cooling your body temp when you start to sweat, they also protect from UV waves. image (13)3. Along with additional sun-protective gear, try and wear as little clothing as possible, made out of very breathable material that wicks sweat away from your body. I typically choose very light weight clothes often made out of mesh material.

One of my favorite outfits for running-complete mesh.

One of my favorite outfits for running-complete mesh.

4. Drink water before, during, and after your workout! Thankfully, I went to the track to do my workout, so I was able to drink my water after my warm-up, after each repeat, and before my cool-down.

5. Lastly, if possible, run in shady areas or try to avoid the heat of the day hours (11am-4pm). BUT, if this isn’t possible, at least try and do the first four tips!

Do you prefer running in the heat of the summer, or would you rather it be cold? Oddly, I like both! There’s something great about getting a good sweat on, but I also love bundling up and braving the cold for an epic run! What tips do you have for surviving the heat and still getting your workouts in?


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