Weber State Turkey Trot 5k Race Recap

Last week, at just over 28 weeks pregnant, I was able to run a 5k race with my son(s)! My 15 year old likes to do a turkey trot with me every year, so I picked this one because it was so close by. :)

We got to the race about 30 minutes early in time to check in and listen to the pre-race meeting. It was about 50 degrees with a slight drizzle. Really, it was perfect running weather, but not good standing-around weather, so thankfully the check-in and meeting were both indoors. We didn’t have to walk outside until just before the race started.

It was a really small race, unfortunately. Between the mini triathlon and the 5k, there were less than 100 participants. However, it was still a fun atmosphere!

My son(s) and I before the race.

My son(s) and I before the race.

My son and I started the race together, but he quickly ran on ahead of me because one of his main goals was to beat me. :) I told him with as pregnant as I am, he BETTER beat me!

I started the race off conservatively because I didn’t want to jostle the belly too much. I’d already ran 7 miles that morning, prior to the race, so my legs weren’t the freshest, but afterall, I wasn’t racing.

After the first mile, I started picking up the pace because I felt good, and it was a gradual downhill. In the second mile, we had to run up the long hill back toward the finish, so most people were slowing down by this point. For me, with my big belly, there’s not much of a difference in my pace between going flat or up hill, so I was able to pass a lot of people.

We finished climbing the hill and came to the start/finish. I thought we would keep going and do a small loop back, but the signs were directing us in toward the finish line. I realized now, I better “sprint” to finish strong, so I did and came through the finish feeling great! I checked my watch though, and it only read 2.78 miles. That was one SHORT 5k! It made for fast looking splits though! According to the results, I ran 7:14 minute miles haha! Really I did about 8:20s.

I finished 3rd female, which I was happy with, and my son finished 3rd male! (yes, he beat me!) He was SO excited! It was a fun race, and I’m glad I got to do it being this pregnant! I’m hoping for another short one in December, but we’ll see if I can find one!

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