Week 1 of Vacation

As some of you are aware, John and I are finishing up week 1 of our vacation! We took two weeks off for Christmas this year to travel to see both his family, and then my family.

John and I with his parents celebrating early Christmas

John and I with his parents celebrating early Christmas

This week we were in Washington visiting John’s family. We’ve enjoyed time sightseeing, working out, and just relaxing. Here’s a few things we have been up to.

We began doing T-25 on Monday, and that has been kicking our butts! It’s amazing how you can be in great shape for one activity, but you switch to another and you feel like an out-of-shape bum! We have been sore every morning, but a good sore. I’m excited to see the strength benefits from it! Along with T-25, we have been able to go to LA fitness out here to get our bike and swim workouts in. We are thankful the gym is so close by! Of course, I am running as well. The weather here is in the mid 30s-upper 40s, so perfect for running. Annnnd, I get to see amazing views like this!

Mt. Rainier

Sunrise over Mt. Rainier

Now, since we are on vacation, I promise you-we’ve done more than just work out :) In my book, a perfect vacation consists of a balance between getting your workouts in, and doing some fun and relaxing activities as well.

On Tuesday, we had the opportunity to travel to Seattle and visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit. This was amazing, and definitely worth the trip! Next time you are in Seattle, check it out! It’s right beside the space needle.DSC04807

That evening, I also got spoiled with a sports massage! This was my third massage ever (also within the last year). Some people look down on massages, but if it’s a deep tissue massage, and you’re an athlete, don’t be ashamed! Since getting back into my workouts, my shoulders and IT bands have been sooo tight! I used our free time on vacation to locate a reputable massage therapist and book a 90 minute deep tissue massage. Yes, it hurt at times, but it’s really supposed to :)

Among our sight-seeing adventures, we also got to eat a lot of Korean food! This is typically my favorite part about visiting Washington-the food :) There are so many Korean stores, restaurants, and bakeries here to satisfy all your Korean food cravings! My favorite pastries are those that contain red bean. Sounds horrible, but it’s actually amazingly good! Try it sometime. Also, since it’s a bean, surely it has protein which is essential to a runner’s diet 😉

red bean pastry!

red bean pastry!

The last new experience I had while on our vacation was “crashing” a spin class in LA fitness. I wanted to get you reader’s feedback on this. I was doing my bike workout, and realized a spin class was schedule to start 20 minutes before I would be done my workout. Being the type A personality that I am, I couldn’t bear to cut my workout short. The class did NOT fill up-there were about 6 bikes free when the class started, so I figured I wasn’t taking someone’s spot who wanted to be in the class. However, it was an hour long class, and I only planned on being there the first 20 minutes. Once I was finished, I quietly left and didn’t noticeably disturb anyone. What are your thoughts? Is it proper spin etiquette to leave a spin class mid-way through? Or should you just finish you workout before the class begins if you don’t plan on being there the whole time? Again, there were several bikes still free. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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