Week 34 Pregnancy Update Round #2

Uhhhhhhhhh it hit me this week. I’ve been really tired by the end of every day (going to bed super early) and also having back pain by the end of most days as well. I guess I should consider myself lucky because I’ve had a pretty smooth and symptom-free pregnancy so far, but this week it sure felt like baby boy grew a pound every day, haha! Despite the symptoms though, I’ve been able to get through all of my workouts this week with no difficulty. Here’s how the week went:

Exercise: Like I said, I made it through all of my workouts quite well this week. I even added an extra day of swimming because I had more free time at work. Speaking of swimming, it’s getting rough because my swimsuit that I bought 1 size larger is now about a size too small. It has stretched in all the ways it can stretch, and it’s reached its limit. I’m going to have to immediately start swimming in my two piece that I bought at the beginning of the summer. It’s a tankini, but is extremely long, so it still (at least as of Thanksgiving) fits over my whole belly. Last pregnancy, I made it though the whole thing swimming in my Hammer swimsuit that was a size too big, but of course, that suit was lost in our move to Utah, so no more lucky, ever forgiving suit for me.

Biking; it’s going well. I started to get a little uncomfortable on my seat this week, but nothing too annoying. I’ll still plan to do 2 days a week of 1 hr riding each day until I physically can’t anymore. :) Running went well this week too. I was able to make my goal of doing 10 mile long runs until 34 weeks! However, if it’s possible, my pace has slowed even more. For the majority of this pregnancy, my pace has been much slower than my last one at about 10-11min miles. However, today I was running 12 min miles. Oh well, I’m still running relatively comfortably, so pace doesn’t really matter much.

As for T25, I’m still doing it, though on Friday, I had to do the modifier routines. I just could. not. jump. anymore. We’ll see how this next week goes. Last pregnancy the only T25 I did was dynamic core which is very simple. This pregnancy, I’ve been doing mostly the Gamma dvds, which are much more intense. So I won’t feel bad if I have to stop earlier than running, biking, and swimming.

How I’m feeling: Well, pregnant. Like I said up top, I’ve hit the point where I’m really starting to feel it. Mornings are fine and I’m pretty mobile, but by the evening, bending over to pick things up is not fun. However, I haven’t had hardly any heartburn this week, so that’s a plus!

Clothes: Let’s just not talk about this subject. I hate all of my maternity clothes…

Appointments: I had one this week which went super smoothly! I also go in next week before we begin our Christmas festivities. Baby is measuring a few days ahead of schedule just like he has all along. Everything is progressing right on track, really. I didn’t have any weight gain since the last visit, but my dr. wasn’t concerned which is really refreshing!

Weight gain: According to the scale at my dr. office, with clothes on in the afternoons, I’m still sitting at 17lbs of gain, but in the mornings, without clothes, on my scale at home, I’m still at 14lbs. So apparently I gain 3lbs throughout the day (minus the weight of my clothes).

So there’s my update for you! And here’s my 34 week bump :)

34 weeks!

34 weeks!

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