Weekend of Food Prep!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend! John and I spent a weekend full of food prep! On Friday, since I still had the day off, I made my shopping list of all the food we needed in order to make meals for the next two months! Luckily, we’ve been using this great cookbook called “Not Your Mother’s Make-ahead and Freeze” cookbook. The book has several make-ahead meals that you put in individual freezer bags. It also has several menu lists of a bunch of meals AND a full grocery list for the whole menu. This made my shopping relatively easy because I just brought the book with me and checked off the items as I purchased them! I spent about 1.5 hrs shopping (two stores), and $250 total. This paid for all the meat, veggies, and spices we needed for 30 meals (for 4 people), so 60 meals for us!

We originally planned to do the food prep on Saturday, but we were lazy and put it off till Sunday afternoon :) We finished it all in about 6.5 hrs though! And that included me biking for 2 hrs (my awesome husband worked on the food without me for the first couple hours!!) So, here’s what our hard work accomplished!

We made sloppy joe's first and had them for dinner!

We made sloppy joe’s first and had them for dinner!


Veggie Bolognese came next!

Veggie Bolognese came next!

We packaged everything up in containers like this or freezer bags.

We packaged everything up in containers like this or freezer bags.

We also made meat balls, stuffed baked potatoes, and several chicken dishes. Among them were poached chicken, garlic Italian chicken, breaded butter chicken, and southwest marinated chicken! Here’s one of the chicken dishes.IMG_0913[1]

All of these dishes were super easy to prepare–even I can do it! However, it does make for a MESSY kitchen! The clean-up is a large job :)IMG_0911[1]

So that was our weekend! What did you all do? Hope it was a good one and that you are ready for the week!

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