My weekend stuck inside

Well, the ‘polar vortex’ has whipped it’s way back into Ohio this week, and thus I got stuck inside for my long run/ride this weekend! Now, I ride inside every weekend, but the run was a new one for me. Typically, during the winter, I’ll do my workouts on the treadmill/track, but I’ll bundle up for my long runs. This weekend was another story.

When I woke up Saturday morning, we had just received 4 inches of snow, with more coming down. In addition, we had 25 mph winds blowing! Due to the blowing wind, that made drifting of snow QUITE likely! Now, I figured I could have survived a run in those conditions, but I don’t think it would have been a very productive run! I had to do 1hr, 45 min, so that would be a looong time to run in the wind/snow… So, I went to the treadmill! Thankfully, my husband was sweet enough to join me so I could have a little company! IMG_0813

In addition to John on the treadmill beside me, I decided to make a plan for my treadmill run. Thankfully, the treadmills at our gym had preset programs on them where you could do hill repeats, speed, ect. I decided to do an hour of hill repeats, then do 45 minutes of the “random” setting. I actually enjoyed the hill repeats, but when I moved to the “random” setting, I found that it was much harder than the hills. I didn’t like it too much, so after 15 minutes of that, I just went down to the manual setting. I spent the last 30 minutes changing my speed/incline occasionally to keep me from going crazy :) It was also in the last 30 minutes that my IT bands started to burn! Running straight on a treadmill for an hour and 45 minutes will do that to ya! On the plus side though, it was actually really nice to be running in a warm place AND be able to wear shorts and a tank top!IMG_0816

Overall, the run really wasn’t too bad. I had a plan, and I stuck to it, so that helped mentally. I also made a plan for my nutrition. Since it was a 14.2 mile run, I new I’d need more than just water to get me by. I had a bottle of Perpetuem, and then I had two Hammer gels. I planned on taking the peanut butter one after 45 minutes (which I did), and then the raspberry one was just in case I needed it. I actually felt great after using the peanut butter gel, and I didn’t end up needing the raspberry one.



After I made it through that run, we headed back home. We decided not to do my long swim—we were sick of being at the gym! So, I just worked on my halo swim bench :)

Sunday, I was stuck inside on my bike trainer, but that long ride went quite well! My friend Kelly came to ride with me, so the 2.5 hours flew by! How did you guys all handle your workouts this weekend?DSC05157


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