Weekly Pregnancy Update: 15 weeks!

Today is my first official weekly pregnancy update! As of today, I am 15 weeks along!! Let me give you a little update on how week 14 went…

To the average looker, there's nothing there. But my stomach used to be flat, so I'm noticing a belly at least! :)

To the average looker, there’s nothing there. But my stomach used to be flat, so I’m noticing a belly at least! :)

“Workouts”: I put them in quotation marks because I don’t really do workouts anymore–I exercise. I cut out all of my intensity training, and I’m just going for “what feels good”. I’ve been able to do something every day–typically the same activities I was doing pre-pregnancy, just in shorter duration. On Monday I “lifted” with my little 5lb dumbells. Tuesday/Thursday I did about a 5 mile run each day. Wednesday/Friday I biked 1 hour, and Saturday I ran 8.5 miles and then went for a walk with the hubs in the afternoon!

Symptoms: Starting to feel like I have a belly! Especially when running. Won’t be long before I need a belly band for running! Other than that, all I have is fatigue and morning sickness. For the last 5 weeks, I have been sick every morning! However, the last 3 days in a row, I’ve not thrown up once! I think I’m finally nearing the end of the nausea!

Cravings: None. I wish I craved things! Instead I hate nearly everything!

Aversions: Chicken, pork, fish, and sweets. Sad, I know…. the only meat this baby likes is beef…. And no more sweet tooth! Baby, you’re missing out!

Weight gain: 3 pounds! Doesn’t sound like much, but man….that 1st trimester was brutal! So hard to gain weight and keep it on! This week I gained a half pound which is exactly what I’m supposed to do each week from now until baby! Hopefully steady progression from here!

Rings: Still on. No swelling yet!

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