Weekly Pregnancy Update: 16 weeks!

Happy Mother’s Day! Look at the shirt my awesome hubs got me for Mother’s Day! Sadly, I’m not big enough for it yet, but that’s ok. :) IMG_2137 I’m officially 16 weeks into my pregnancy today! Here’s how my week went with my growing belly!

Belly pic! (looks pretty similar to last week.....)

Belly pic! (looks pretty similar to last week…..)

Workouts: I felt a lot more energetic this week finally! On Sunday, John and I went hiking with our dogs all morning and had a great time!

Durango leading the way with his "back" pack holding our supplies. Mya staying back with me.

Durango leading the way with his “back” pack holding our supplies. Mya staying back with me.

On Monday, I did my wimpy pregnant woman lifting and then swam 2,000 yds! (first time back in the pool in 2.5 weeks!!). Tuesday I ran 6 miles and felt like I was going to keel over from the heat! Wednesday and Friday I biked on my trainer 1 hour. Thursday I learned my lesson from Tuesday, and ran earlier so I beat the heat. I felt MUCH better with another 6 mile run. Saturday, I ran 4.1 miles with the dogs and then 8 more by myself. It ended up being a tad too much for me because I had round ligament soreness for the rest of the day :(

Symptoms: Finally free of the morning sickness!!!!! This week I didn’t even feel pregnant except that I’m starting to feel a little chunky, and then my soreness yesterday. (I purchased a support band for running so hopefully that will prevent issues in the future!)

Cravings: Still no cravings per se, but I’m really enjoying fruits and veggies!

Aversions: Still chicken (unless it’s friend), pork, fish, most sweets (I like ice cream again!), and sometimes even rice.

Weight gain: 3.8 pounds! I had quite a growth spurt between Sunday and Tuesday and then remained the same weight for the entire rest of the week.

Rings: Still pleasantly on. Hopefully no swelling until MUCH later in the pregnancy!

Clothes: I’ve purchased my first maternity pants! Sadly, they’re too big for me….. Most of my pants are too tight for me now, so I just wear them with the belly band for now until I can fit into my maternity clothes. I have a couple maternity shirts that currently fit me though, so I’m wearing those!

Upcoming Races: I wanted to do a 25k next weekend, but I just discovered yesterday that it’s sold out! SAD! So my next race will be a 5 miler on June 3.

So that was my week! I got a TON done around the house since I was feeling so energetic! Hoping I feel this way most of the pregnancy!

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