Weekly Pregnancy Update: 17 weeks!

Happy 17 weeks! Here is my weekly pregnancy/training update! :)IMG_2159

Appointments: We saw our OB on Friday this week, and baby is still doing good! Heart rate is a strong, stead 150 bpm, and my blood pressure is still nice and low (114/64). Our next appointment is June 10th when we’ll find out the gender!! :) You can start voting now about what you think it’ll be! :)

Workouts: My exercising went much better this week! On Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday I was able to bike on my trainer for 1 hour each day. I’m feeling pretty comfortable on the bike still-though using the aero bars is long out of the question :) I bike very much upright these days :) On Monday, I did about 45 minutes of preggo lifting. :) I dropped down to 5-10 lb dumbells for pretty much everything at this point. IMG_2140On Tuesday and Thursday, I went out for between 6-6.5 miles each day. On Thursday, I got this new pregnancy belly compression band which helped out a lot! IMG_2155

On Thursday afternoon, I headed to the pool and swam 2.400 yds! I felt pretty good the whole time, but was super tired for the rest of the day! That was my longest swim of this pregnancy so far. :)

On Saturday, I headed out with the dogs for my long run. It was SUPER humid, so I only took them 2 miles cuz they hated it. I headed back out for what I figured would only be 3 more miles cuz it was so incredibly humid, but thankfully, the humidity calmed down after 1 more mile, and I was able to go 8 more for a total of 10! I felt great the whole time except for having to pee like every mile!!! Along with my compression belly band, I also wore a pair of compression shorts! There was no bouncing whatsoever! Soooo nice! After last Saturday’s round ligament pain, I was worried about maintaining long runs, but I think with this strategy I’ll last at least a few more weeks doing long runs (I hope!).

Running Pace: Typically my pace has been around 8:30 for the last two weeks. However, with my 10 miler yesterday, it was closer to 9 because of all my bathroom breaks. Up until 12 weeks, I was under 8 minute miles consistently (which was no where near the 7-7:30 pace I kept up until week 5), but since then I’ve gotten slower by the day it seems. :) BUT, as long as I’m still running, I don’t care how slow!

Symptoms: Sadly I had some morning sickness again this week :/ Just two days though. Other than that, I felt pretty good! My belly is definitely growing though, so I’m starting to feel that….my skin is getting a little tight, and my back gets sore by the end of the day. Also, I’m super irritable all the time :/

Cravings: I think I had my first craving this week! For lunch one day, I decided I wanted nachos :) So I used tortilla chips, steak, peppers, and cheese and it hit the spot!

Aversions: I don’t hate chicken as much anymore! We had three meals of chicken this week and I liked all of them! Pork and fish are still no nos for now though. :)

Weight gain: 3.8 pounds still. No change from last week :/ However, I gained a pound last week, and I’m supposed to gain .5 each week, so as long as I gain next week, I’m still on track! Doctor wasn’t at all concerned with my lack of weight gain, so that was a relief!

Rings: Still pleasantly on. Hopefully no swelling until MUCH later in the pregnancy!

Clothes: Still wearing all of my pre-pregnancy clothes, though with my jeans, I’m holding the button closed with a hair-tie cuz buttoning them isn’t going to happen! All of my shirts are still find cuz they weren’t tight to begin with.

Upcoming Races: Durango and I will be doing the Furry Skurry 5k on Saturday! I’m excited because it’ll be my first race with one of the dogs! We will be super slow (he’s kinda chubby), but that’s ok! I would take Mya because she’s MUCH faster, but she most people, so she wouldn’t handle a race crowd very well :)

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