Weekly Pregnancy Update: 18 Weeks!

18 weeks pregnant! How did that happen??? Trust me, I’m feeling it! Here’s my weekly update:

still not much, but there's definitely a belly there!

still not much, but there’s definitely a belly there! (ignore the frizzy hair! Pregnancy has NOT lived up to it’s promise of calming my hair down!)

Appointments: Next one is June 10th when we find out the gender!

Workouts: So much this week! Well, not really, but for being pregnant, it was a lot! :) On Sunday we went for an hour hike with the dogs. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I biked. Monday I did 1:15 minutes, Wednesday I did 1:45 (on a recumbent bike!), and Friday I did an hour. Tuesday and Thursday I ran 5 miles each day. Also, Tuesday was John’s and my anniversay, so he took the day off and we went hiking with the dogs for about 5 miles! (Dogs put on about 10 cuz they ran back and forth the whole time!) On Thursday, after running, I went to the pool and got a swim in. I did 1,600 yds which was plenty for this prego. :) On Saturday, Durango and I ran a local 5k to benefit the Human Society! I’ll do a recap of that on Thursday! We did about 6.5 miles total between warm up and cool down!

Right before our race!

Right before our race!

Running Pace: Still hovering around 8:30-9 minute pace (except the 5k on Saturday which was about 7:40 pace which included Durango’s potty breaks!).

Symptoms: I want to be lazy all the time! It’s hard to be motivated when I don’t feel the greatest, and when I know I’m just getting fatter by the second, but I’ve been making to-do lists so that I don’t just lay on the couch all day. :) Other than laziness, my other other symptom this week was pelvic pain/soreness……my pelvis is growing….and it’s not a pleasant feeling.

Cravings: None….nada

Aversions: Really nothing this week! Chicken seems completely fine now! Though I haven’t attempted to eat pork or fish :)

Weight gain: 4.2 pounds! (.4 this week) 

Rings: Very on

Clothes: Getting smaller! I only have one pair of shorts left that I can button, and none of my jeans do. :) A lot of my shirts used to be a little baggy, so I’m filling them out now, but not stretching them. Won’t be long before I’m in maternity clothes!

Upcoming Races: June 3rd I’m doing a 5 mile “trail” run! Then mayyyyybe that weekend another race with Durango again! We’ll see. :)

So that was my week! Glad I’m still feeling good, and baby is still growing! Hoping I can continue running as much as I am now, but I’ll be happy with anything! :)

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