Weekly Pregnancy Update: 19 Weeks!

19 Weeks Pregnant! Whew, this was a good week! I think the best one so far overall! Here’s my weekly update!

19 Weeks! Woahhh I look pregnant finally! (I did just eat a large meal prior to taking this picture) :)

19 Weeks! Woahhh I look pregnant finally! (I did just eat a large meal prior to taking this picture) :)

Appointments: Next one is June 10th when we find out the gender!

Workouts: I had a great week of workouts! I discovered the “cure” for round ligament pain when running! I went through all three of my workouts without ANY round ligament soreness! I’ve been wearing compression shorts pulled up over my belly AND a compression belly band folded in half over my belly! Triple compression!! At least for now, it’s working great! On Monday I did about 45 minutes of “lifting”. Tuesday and Thursday I ran just over 6 miles each day! On Sunday, Wednesday and Friday I biked 1 hour each day. Wednesday I also went to the pool and swam 1,600m. I was proud of myself cuz I could still do it in 40 minutes! Slower than I used to be, but still respectable I think. Then Saturday, I ran 10 miles total! I took the dogs with me for a slow 3 miles, and then finished up with 7 more. :)

Running Pace: My pace this week was around 8:40 for all my runs (not including bathroom breaks!)

Symptoms: I had one day this week of morning sickness and a couple other days when I felt nauseous. Guess I’m still not completely rid of the morning sickness yet! Other than that, I just felt pretty tired all week. Also, I’ve been having a lot of SI joint pain this week. I had to see my chiropractor twice this week! Thankfully he’s great about getting me in last minute!

Cravings:  I still don’t think I’ve really had cravings, but literally the only food I actually WANT to eat is fish ice cream (Korean vanilla with red bean paste), and dark chocolate covered coconut almonds! Obviously these aren’t in the major food groups, so I’ve had to eat mostly foods I’m not excited about. :)

Aversions: I don’t think I have any aversions anymore. Still haven’t tried pork and fish, but thinking about them don’t make me want to barf, so I think aversions are done!

Weight gain: 4.6 pounds total! Another .4 this week!

Rings: Still comfortably on

Clothes: Still fitting into all of my old shirts without stretching them. Only one pair of shorts fit me without having to fasten the button with a rubber band. :) Still not quite big enough for maternity pants though.

Upcoming Races: My next planned race is this week-June 3rd. An evening 5 mile trail run! It also happens to be on National Running Day!

In other news, we finally got our back yard fenced in, so I can spend time out in my yard and not be worried about cars seeing me! Also, the dogs can finally run freeeeee!

Happy dogs!

Happy dogs!

So that was my week! I felt like I finally got a handle on this whole pregnancy thing! Probably next week something new will happen and I’ll have more experimenting to do to get comfortable!


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