Weekly Pregnancy Update: 20 Weeks!

20 Weeks! We’re half-way there, people! Wow!! It feels like I’ve been pregnant forever! But at the same time, I still often forget that I even AM pregnant!

20 weeks! There's definitely a baby in there! Growing slowly but surely!

20 weeks! There’s definitely a baby in there! Growing slowly but surely!

Appointments: My next one is this Wednesday!! We’ll find out the gender there; can’t wait!

Workouts: Sunday, I biked for an hour and 10 minutes. On Monday, I lifted, and then did a 40 minute swim-2,200yds! Tuesday, I ran 4 miles pretty easy cuz I didn’t want to tire myself out before the race on Wednesday, then I walked a mile with the dogs in the afternoon. Wednesday, I did bike an hour in the morning, and then raced a 5 mile trail race in the evening! Thursday morning, I just did an easy 3 miles with the dogs. Friday, I did another hour on the bike. Then, Saturday, I was able to run 10 miles again!

Running Pace: I’m still hanging around 8:40 pace on road except when I run with the dogs-they’re sloooow :)

Symptoms: I’ve really been feeling pretty good this week! My only complaint is constant low back pain. :/ Feeling pretty good working out still! I can’t lean forward much while biking, but other than that, I’ve been pretty comfortable-just have to slow down…and take a ton of bathroom breaks. :)

Cravings:  Nada…

Aversions: Nothing! I can now eat anything without feeling sick–though still don’t have much of an appetite for anything in particular…

Weight gain: 4.8 pounds total! Not much gain this week–just .2 pound. I’m beginning to think my scale is lying though because I feel like my belly is getting bigger! I’ll get an official weight gain measurement at the doctor this week.

Rings: Still comfortably on

Clothes: I haven’t felt like I got much bigger this week, so I’m still in the same clothes as last week.

Upcoming Races: I ran the Sugarcreek 5 Miler on Wednesday night. I’ll get a recap out sometime this week. :) My next race isn’t until July 8th (though that one is tentative). It’s just a 5k, but we might be busy that day so we’ll see.

So that’s the weekly update! Kind of an uneventful week, but I guess that’s good!

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