Weekly Pregnancy Update: 21 Weeks!

21 Weeks! Officially over half-way through pregnancy! This week was a great week for workouts for me! Also, it was a particularly great week because we found out the gender of our baby! I’ll have to wait till next week to reveal that because we haven’t told our family yet!! :)

In the bathroom at my OB waiting for my ultrasound!

20.3 Weeks! In the bathroom at my OB waiting for my ultrasound! 

I took a picture on Saturday for my weekly bump pic, but honestly, this picture above makes my belly look way bigger than the one taken 3 days later! Guess it was a large day for me. :) Here’s the one from yesterday.

Bad picture, yuck! :)

Bad picture, yuck! :)

So here’s how my week went….

Appointments: Like I said, we saw our OB on Wednesday for our gender ultrasound!! Baby is doing SO great, growing big and strong and everything is developing as it should!! Next appointment isn’t for 4 weeks.

Workouts: Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday, I biked for an hour on my trainer each day. Oddly, that’s not getting any harder for me with my growing belly, except I can’t really lean forward cuz there’s no room anymore. :) Monday I did my usually preggo lifting routine which is still going great! Tuesday and Thursday I ran about 6.2 miles each day. Also, on Thursday I swam 1,800 meters in 40 minutes, and then after dinner, we all went for a 3 mile walk as a family (with the dogs of course!). Saturday, it was SUPER hot in the morning, but I really wanted to run because I felt awesome, so I went out for it, but took it super slow (9-9:30 min miles) so that my heart rate would stay in zone 2-3. I ended up being able to do 10 miles and felt great except for the heat!

Running Pace: I was doing really good for my weekly runs this week! I was under 8:40 pace on Tuesday, and on Thursday, I was around 8:10 pace! Saturday though I went slow because of the heat.

Symptoms: I had less back pain this week, which was nice! I did still have one day this week of morning sickness though. :/ I just can’t seem to shake it permanently!

Cravings:  Nothing really, but I do suddenly love coconut–though I haven’t really CRAVED it.

Aversions: Well, the morning I had sickness this week, I was eating avocado, so I’m kind of nervous about eating that now. :)

Weight gain: 5.4 pounds! (.6 pound this week). That’s according to my scale in the mornings, without clothes. However, when I was at the doctor, I weighed an additional 2.2 pounds, but that was in the afternoon after lunch and with clothes, so it’s hard to say the EXACT weight gain. I’m going to keep going by my scale because I weight myself at the same time and same conditions.

Rings: Still comfortably on

Clothes: I definitely grew this week….my 3 pair of shorts that still “fit” are getting quite snug! They won’t be getting buttoned for much longer :) BUT, my maternity shorts are still gigantic! I tried them on Friday and they were way too big…..sigh…I might get another belly band to make it until maternity clothes fit.

Upcoming Races: My next race isn’t until July 8th (though that one is tentative). It’s just a 5k, but we might be busy that day so we’ll see.

So that’s the weekly update! It was a busy week, but a good one! Can’t wait to reveal the gender of our baby to you next week!!

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