Weekly Pregnancy Update: 23 Weeks!

23 Weeks Pregnant! Wow! I never thought I’d survive this long! Haha, actually I still often forget I even am pregnant because I feel so great! I only remember when I’m working out (cuz I’m so slow!) and when I happen to look down and see my growing belly! :) Here’s an update of how my week went.IMG_2307

Workouts: I had a great week of workouts!! On Sunday, I biked an hour on my trainer. That was the longest hour of my life! I had to take 3 bathroom breaks cuz I had to pee so much! On Wednesday and Friday, I also biked an hour, and both those rides went much better. :) On Monday, I did my usual lifting routine, and then went to the pool to swim 2,400yds! On Tuesday, I ran 7 miles and felt awesome! Wednesday, after biking, I headed to the pool again (twice this week!!) and swam just 1,200 meters.(I was a little tired) On Thursday, I decided to do my long run because Saturday we were driving all day. I did 10 miles pretty comfortably! Saturday, I just did a short run with the dogs before we left for our vacation!

Running Pace: It’s confirmed…my pace is 9-9:30. :/ IF I don’t have to pee every mile, it’s less than 9, but I literally have to stop EVERY mile!!

Symptoms: Other than having to pee all the time, I don’t really have much to complain about. Also, I’ve been feeling a TON of kicking lately! Baby girl moves around a lot right after I finish working out every day :)

Cravings:  No cravings, but I am getting to the point where I’m just plain hungry all the time.

Aversions: None this week but my sister mentioned possibly having salmon filets on vacation, and I got a bad feeling in my stomach…haha so I guess salmon is still out of the question :)

Weight gain: 6.8 pounds total! (Another .4 pound this week)

Clothes: My mom bought me a pair of maternity shorts that actually fit!! I’m so excited!! Maternity bottoms that FIT are super hard to find apparently!

So that was my week! I’m excited to spend the week with my family and do some running with my sisters!

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