Weekly Pregnancy Update: 24 Weeks

24 Weeks Pregnant! The first part of my pregnancy seemed to go by extremely slow, but the last few weeks have FLOWN by!! I’m still feeling pretty good overall though, and have a lot of energy!

Safe to say, this is the week my belly popped! No hiding this pregnancy anymore!!

Safe to say, this is the week my belly popped! No hiding this pregnancy anymore!!

Gender: Girl!!!

Workouts: I had a great week of workouts while on vacation!! You can check out my full workout post here, but this is a list of my weekly totals.

Running: 25.2 miles

Hiking: 8-9ish miles

Paddle boating: 1 hour

Biking: 2 hours

Swimming: 40 min

Lifting: 45 min

Running Pace: This week my pace was still 9-9:30, though closer to the 9:30 end of that range. :) That does include bathroom stops though. I’m actually closer to 8:30 without them. :)

Symptoms: So much kicking from baby girl!! It’s not to the uncomfortable stage of course, but it does feel kinda weird. Also, I have to pee ALL THE TIME. Though I have plenty of energy, I find that my legs constantly feel like lead. Actually, on two runs this week, the only reason I couldn’t go faster was because my legs felt so heavy-not my belly!!

Cravings:  No cravings whatsoever.

Aversions: Definitely still averted from salmon. :) My family wanted to have it one night for dinner, and I opted for pizza instead.

Weight gain: 9.4 pounds total! (2.6 pounds this week!!!) I think my scale was seriously messed up last week! Or maybe I really DID gain that much this week! My belly is WAY bigger than last week!

Clothes: I can still wear all of my jeans (minus buttoning them), and one pair of shorts I can still button. (My sister is SUPER jealous because she had a boy and grew out of her pre-pregnancy clothes much quicker than I am). I am however wearing one pair of maternity shorts that I LOVE. I found them from gap. The smallest they had was a 2, but they don’t look too baggy on me. I almost exclusively wear maternity shirts or dresses because I’d rather look pregnant than fat. :) I can still comfortably wear all my t-shirts and tank tops, but instead of emphasizing that I’m pregnant, they just make it look like I have a big gut, so I try not to wear those in public. :)

Baby items: My sister gave me a TON of cloth diapers while on vacation this week!! Also, my mom bought me several cute outfits for baby girl and some bedding for her crib. :) Now we just need to put her crib together!!

So that was my week! I had a great time with my family on vacation, and hope to rest up a little today before beginning a crazy week next week!

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