Weekly Pregnancy Update: 26 Weeks!

26 Weeks! Just when I said last week that I felt like pregnancy was getting easier, I go and have a week where I feel huge and uncomfortable! I think baby had a bit of a growth spurt this week cuz I am officially feeling super pregnant!

Loving my new maternity shirt I got yesterday!

Loving my new maternity shirt I got yesterday!

Gender: Cute little girl :)

Workouts: I was able to get in all my weekly workouts this week without too much difficulty. Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday I biked on my trainer. I did a smidge over an hour each time. On Wednesday, we also went for a 1.2 mile walk around our neighborhood with the fam and doggies. :) On Monday, I did my usual lifting routine and then swam 2,200yds in less than 40 min. On Tuesday, I ran 6.2 miles, and then on Thursday, I got in 7.1 miles! (I did 1.1 with the dogs in the morning, and then a couple hours later did 6 at work). On Saturday, I started out feeling super sluggish, but after 2 miles, I felt great, so I was able to get in another 10 miles!

Running Pace: I’m still averaging around 9:15-20ish. However, on Tuesday, I finished out my run with two 8:30 miles and on Saturday I did two 8:30 miles as well (along with two 9:45 miles :) )!

Symptoms: I felt great the first half of the week, but suddenly on Wednesday night, I started having a ton of low back pain! It remained until yesterday, so I went to see my chiropractor! Hoping that helps!! Other than that, I’m starting to notice the weight of my growing belly, and my muscles are getting more tight than usual–gotta start stretching!

Cravings:  My body now thinks it’s back in training mode, so I want dessert every day again!!! Unfortunately, though I need as much calories as I did when I was in training, it doesn’t do me much good to indulge!

Aversions: Still just salmon

Weight gain: 11.2 pounds (another 2.2 pounds this week! Definitely a growth spurt!!)

Clothes: 10 weeks ago, I thought I was in the awkward stage. Now I’m REALLY in the awkward stage! Most of my shirts still *fit, but I look super fat in them. My maternity shirts definitely accentuate my pregnant belly though, and lately that hasn’t been as enjoyable. :) As for bottoms, all my pre-pregnancy shorts and jeans are uncomfortably tight! But sadly, still not big enough for maternity clothes :( Super annoying! Unless I leave the house, I’m mostly wearing my running shorts cuz they still fit fine. When I leave the house, I’m in my one pair of maternity shorts that actually sort of fit. I finally broke down and went shopping yesterday and got two more maternity shirts and a dress!

Appointments: My next appointment is in 3 weeks. That’s when I have to take my gestational diabetes test! Yuck!

So glad I survived the week! Hoping next week goes better for me and that I’ll still feel good getting all my workouts in!

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