Weekly Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks

I made it through my first week of the 3rd trimester! Let me tell you, the 3rd trimester is WAY harder than 2nd! Haha, I’m feeling it already! I think my belly grew twice it’s size this week too! (Ok, not really, but it seemed to!) Here’s my weekly update…

Slowly but surely, that belly is growing!

Slowly but surely, that belly is growing!

Workouts: I had an interesting time with running this week, but swimming, biking, and lifting all went well. I biked for an hour on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Monday, I lifted and then swam 2,400yds in 40 minutes. I had to do the pull buoy for over half the swim though because my SI joint was hurting from lifting and it bothered me to kick. I went to the chiropractor after my swim and it helped a lot! So, running…..Tuesday was awesome! I did 6 miles and felt great! Thursday came and I felt great through the first 5 miles, but as soon as I began the 6th mile, I felt a sharp pain (like a muscle spasm) on my right side. At first I thought I’d strained one of my ab muscles because that’s what it felt like. But, when I walked, the pain went away and I was able to finish running without any more issues.

Saturday came, and I was nervous about the run, but decided to go for it. Unfortunately, as soon as I hit 2 miles, I felt the pain again. I walked, and it went away, so I kept running all the way until my turn around point at 6 miles. I felt awesome up until that point, but as soon as I turned around, the stabbing pain returned. I figured if I walked, it would go away again, so I did. I began running once the pain stopped, but it returned again almost immediately. I repeated this pattern of walk till it stops, run till it starts for 2 miles. Finally, I was so sick of it, I called my husband. I was ashamed to have to be picked up, but I didn’t think it was a good idea to walk/run the whole way home. He got me and started driving me home-of course, I started to feel a lot better by this time! I asked him to let me out so I could run the last mile home and call it quits at 9 miles. I ran the 9th mile mostly fine, and when I got home, my dog Durango wanted to go out with me. I decided I’d try one more mile to get to the 10 I’d hoped for the day. Of course, I felt perfect, and had no issues for the last mile. Oh, pregnancy……. However, that may have been my last 10 miler of the pregnancy. I think my belly is just getting too big to go that long! We’ll see how next week goes though.

Running Pace: I’m still averaging under 9:30 min miles when I’m actually running. :)

Symptoms: I had a good amount of back pain this week. It’s also been incredibly hot this week, so I’ve been dealing with swelling in my toes and fingers! :( I’ve been keeping it managed pretty well though by going back inside to A/C and using my recovery pump. :) I still have some bouts of nausea as well….

Lots of compression sock wearing this week!

Lots of compression sock wearing this week!

Rings: Still on, but definitely getting tighter due to the swelling. I take them off every night, but every morning I can wear them again.

Cravings:  Really nothing. My sweet tooth seems to have subsided for the most part now too.

Aversions: Still just salmon

Weight gain: 12 pounds (my scale says i haven’t gained anything this week, but again, I think my scale is wrong–we’ll see at the next appointment)

Clothes: I’m wearing all maternity shirts, or my “non-pregnancy” shirts that are flowy. As for bottoms, somehow I can still fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans and shorts as long as I use a hairtie for the button. However, waist bands are starting to annoy me, so I wore a lot of dresses last week.

For the days when you just can't stand to have a restrictive waist band around your growing belly!

For the days when you just can’t stand to have a restrictive waist band around your growing belly!

Appointments: I had my bloodwork done for my “glucose challenge” test on Friday to see if I have gestational diabetes. OH MY! All the stories I heard were true….. Actually, the drink I had to consume wasn’t too horrible. I tasted like Hi-C. I only had 5 minutes to drink it though, and it contained 50g of sugar! Almost immediately after drinking it, I felt hot and sweaty, and a little shaky. Then I wanted to puke, but I knew if I did, I’d have to drink it again! A headache quickly followed and I was unable to focus on reading while I was waiting. I had to sit there for an hour before the bloodwork test could be done. It was the longest hour of my life! Finally, the time was up, and they called me in. The nurse asked me how I felt, and I wasn’t afraid to say I felt horrible! She promised me I could go throw up after she took the blood she needed, and I promptly did so the second she let me out of that chair! Ugggggg, my body did NOT like all that sugar! I actually felt pretty horrible the whole rest of the day. Glad that’s done with! I’ll find out my results at my next OB appointment on Thursday!

The nasty drink I had to consume...

The nasty drink I had to consume…

Races: I plan on running another 5k race on Tuesday this week! I’ve been able to do at least one race per month this whole pregnancy so far except the month of March!

So that was my crazy week! I hope I adjust to the 3rd trimester like I did the 2nd, but I have a feeling there will just be changes every day for the next 12 weeks…it’s quite a ride! I start back at work tomorrow, so that will make things all the more interesting!

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