Weekly Pregnancy Update: 29 Weeks!

Eh, 29 weeks! This whole pregnancy thing is getting tiring! Very similar to an endurance race. I can’t yet see the finish line, but I feel like I’ve been going at this forever! Still truckin away though!



Workouts: I had an awesome week of workouts this week, actually! Despite feeling larger than ever, I was able to power through everything even better than last week! On Sunday, I biked an hour and ten minutes on my trainer and felt great! On Monday I did my usual lifting and swimming. I was a smidge slower on my swim–2,400yds in 41 min–but I felt great! On Tuesday, I was planning on running the Possum Creek 5k with the family in the evening, so I did a short 4 miles in the morning, and then did the 5k that night! I felt really good during the race, and recovered beautifully by the next morning! You can check out my recap here if you missed it.

After the 5k on Tuesday!

After the 5k on Tuesday!

On Wednesday, I got up and did another hour bike ride on the trainer. Even though I’m getting bigger, biking hasn’t gotten too much more difficult yet! Thursday morning, I was tired and grumpy because it was pouring out. However, it ended up helping me on my run because I ran under 9 min miles and felt awesome the whole 6 mile run! Friday, I had to work all day, but was able to squeeze in an hour on the spin bike once I was done. It said I rode 20 miles, so that was good!

First day of long meetings at work!

First day of long meetings at work!

Saturday came and I was again pretty tired. I strongly doubted I was going to be able to get 10 miles in (mostly because I had limited amount of time). However, I headed out the door set on doing as much as I could. I got to the turn around for 8 miles and felt AWESOME, so I kept going! I was able to get my last 6 miles done in under 8:30 pace and averaged under 9 min pace for the whole 10 miler! My 10th mile was actually 7:56!! It was SO encouraging after last week’s disastrous run!

Running Pace: This week I averaged around 9 min miles, and hit several 8:30 miles!

Symptoms: Really no complaints this week. I felt some fatigue in the mornings and then late afternoon, but not unbearable. Also I typically wake up with a sore back now, but after moving around, the soreness goes away.

Rings: Still on and no trouble with swelling this week!

Cravings:  Still nothing!

Aversions: I’m pretty sure I could eat salmon now but I don’t want to risk it. :)

Weight gain: 13 pounds (another pound this week!)

Clothes: Almost completely in maternity now. I tried to wear dresses as much as possible this week because they’re more comfortable. Also, my maternity jeans *almost fit now. They’re a little baggy at the waistband, but I just ignore that. :) All of my shirts are now maternity. The only bottoms that I can still wear are several of my work khaki pants, which I’m grateful for because I’m not ready to replace those with maternity just yet!

Appointments: I had my OB appointment on Thursday and everything went smoothly! Baby’s doing great and growing right on track! I’d gained 3.8 pounds since my last visit, which the doctor said was perfect. Also, she said I passed my gestational diabetes test with “flying colors”! Next appointment is in 3 weeks, and after that I have to start going every 2 weeks!

Races: I ran the Possum Creek 5k this week. I’m hoping to do a race in September, but I haven’t decided yet. The one I want to do is on a work night for me, so I’m not sure if I can get to the race in time. Also, who knows how I’ll be feeling in 4 weeks. :)

So that was my week! Next week, I’ll be back to work FULL (plus) time, so it should be interesting getting my workouts in! Back to early mornings I guess…..

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