Weekly Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

I have officially entered a new milestone—single digit countdown! That’s right, I am now 31 weeks which means I have 9(ish) more weeks of pregnancy! In some ways it’s gone by fast, but in other ways, I feel like I’ve been pregnant FOR-E-VERRRRRRR! Haha, this week was one of those weeks. I was so exhausted all week (it was a busy one at work with starting teaching!), and my belly just felt heavier and heavier every day (because it was!)… Here’s the details of my week though. :)

Baby!! You're gettin big on me!

Baby!! You’re gettin big on me!

Workouts: Despite my fatigue and crazy schedule at work, I was actually able to get in a workout every day. Rolling out of bed for the early mornings was TOUGHHHHH, but I’m telling myself I’ll get used to it. (right???) On Sunday, I got in my hour bike ride on the trainer-then actually headed immediately outside to mow the lawn (riding mower-don’t worry!). On Monday, I got up crazy early and swam 2,400 yds before heading in to work for an early meeting. Then after work, I got in my lift! I’m pretty proud of myself for that. :) On Tuesday and Thursday, I got in 6 miles running each day, and I felt good both days! On Wednesday, I got another hour in on my bike. Friday, I had to teach at 8am and couldn’t bear to get up early enough to bike first, so I squeezed in a quick 45 min spin after my first class. Saturday was my rough day…..I had to be in at work at 7:30am for about 3.5 hours. Obviously I didn’t run beforehand. I had about an hour before I had to meet my husband after I finished working though, so I decided to run during that break. Unfortunately, I was trying out a new pair of shoes as well though….my “easy” short 5 miler turned into a painful, grueling experience! Those shoes are NOT the shoes for me! I’m planning on running 5 more miles this morning in my old shoes so I can still get my regular mileage in. Other than the shoes being miserable, I felt fine, so I was grumpy I didn’t get to run longer!

Running Pace: My two runs this week were both at 9 min pace. My 5 miler yesterday was amazingly still at 9:30 pace even though my shoes were tearing up my feet and legs!

Symptoms: TIRED!!!! Seriously, full on exhaustion!! Toward the end of the week, I felt like I was sleep-walking come afternoon! Other than that though, I felt perfectly fine, so I guess I can’t really complain. Also, other than Sunday, I didn’t have any morning sickness.

Rings: Still on and still no sign of swelling. Love air conditioning!!!

Cravings:  I have always loved chocolate, and my chocolate love has returned to it’s full beauty this week :)

Aversions: Still avoiding salmon, but mostly because I don’t want to risk it. :)

Weight gain: 15.6 pounds!! (I gained 3 pounds this week! That sure made up for the pound I lost last week! I’m now back to averaging a pound a week though, so that’s good.)

Clothes: I was still able to wear my pre-pregnancy work khakis all week! I’ve also found that I still fit into some of my more “flowy” shirts too, so I wore some of those. I tried to stick mostly to maternity shirts though cuz they’re more flattering for sure. :) Also, one day, I wore yoga pants to work……guilty!! Haha, no one seemed to notice. :)

Appointments: My next one is on Tuesday of this week!

Races: I’m still hoping my next race will be September 8th!

I feel like this week was the hardest for me yet, but I’m trying to just take it one day at a time!

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