Weekly Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks!

32 Weeks! We are now T-minus 8 weeks until due date! Thinking about October 25th seems so far away, but thinking of it as 8 weeks seems SO close!! Anyway, let me give you my weekly update…

32 Weeks! Wearing my running buddy shirt :)

32 Weeks! Wearing my running buddy shirt :)

Workouts: This week actually went pretty well for my workouts. I was tired of course, but I think I’m starting to get into a rhythm of getting up early again and working out before work. On Sunday, I finished off my “long run” from the day before with a 5 mile run. I actually had done my Sunday bike ride on Saturday night so that I could rest for the remainder of the day on Sunday. Monday, I got up super early and got in my swim. I was tired and not super motivated, so I went slower than normal and did 2,100yds in 40 minutes. On Tuesday, I felt AWESOME in the morning and was able to fit in 8 miles of running at under 9 minute pace! Then in the evening, I squeezed in a quick lift. My lifting had to be amended a little this week….I was no longer comfortable doing traditional planks with my sagging belly, so I switched to elevated planks, using the bed frame.

Wednesday was a good morning for me on the bike-I got in another comfortable hour on the trainer. Then Thursday morning, I had a good 6 mile run. Not as fast as Tuesday, but about 9:15 pace. On Friday, I have my early class, so I did a quick 45 minute spin after teaching, before heading to a meeting. This was the first time I’ve noticed visible, obvious belly stares while I’ve been working out. :) Guess baby girl was looking pretty big on Friday! :) On Saturday, I woke up feeling pretty lethargic, and told myself I’d probably just cut my run short at 5 miles. I figure 8 weeks till due date, it’s not normal to do 10 miles still. Well, sure enough, when it came time for me to turn around for 5 miles, I felt awesome! I decided to go a little more to make it 8 miles. I turned around at that point. Still feeling good when I got a mile away from home, I added on an extra little loop to turn the run into a 10 miler! I was pretty surprised with myself! It was definitely slower than my last 10 miler, but I’ll take it!

Running Pace: As I mentioned, my runs are mostly hovering around 9-9:30 pace. My Saturday long run was closer to 10 minute pace though.

Symptoms: I was definitely still tired this week, but toward the end of the week, I think the fatigue started to subside. Other than that, I really didn’t have any other symptoms this week! Even my back felt fine pretty much every day!

Rings: Still on and still no swelling unless I’ve been out in the heat (but it hasn’t really even been hot this week!!)

Cravings:  Sweets…..I think mostly it has to do with going back to work. :) They always have some type of sweet treat during the week, and I habitually indulge. :)

Aversions: Still avoiding salmon, and a few times this week, I just had an aversion to all food…..nothing really tastes or sounds good these days. :/

Weight gain: This whole weight gain thing is difficult….yesterday, I weighed myself after practice before my run, and I was up 2 more pounds this week (total of 17.4 lbs), but then I weighed myself after my run, and it said I’d lost 3 pounds…. Also, at the doctor’s office this week, I was only up 2 lbs from my previous visit 3 weeks prior. Belly is still growing though, and I’m still eating whenever I’m hungry, so I’m not going to worry about the weight.

Clothes: Still wearing my pre-pregnancy khakis, but I’ve also purchased a pair of VERY flowy khaki colored pants to wear at work! They’re super comfortable, but definitely make me look more pregnant than I am! Also, I’m in maternity shirts every day. The belly is just too big to look good in anything else. :)

Appointments: I actually have to go in for an ultrasound on Tuesday of this week. Due to my lower weight at the doctor’s this week, and them saying I was measuring small (according to the norms), they wanted to double check to make sure baby is growing fine. I know she is, because I can see continual growth, and feel her kicking ALLLLLL THEEE TIMEEE!! haha, but I won’t object to getting to see her on the screen again! I’m also now to the point where I have to start being seen every 2 weeks, so that’s fun…

Races: I still have my eye on that 5k on September 8th. As long as I’m feeling ok and am still running that distance by then, I’m going to try and do it. The only challenge will be getting off work in time to get there.

Whew, so that was my week! I’m tired just writing about it! I’m so excited for baby girl to come, but at the same time, I know she needs to sit tight for another 8 weeks so she can be super strong and healthy!

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