Weekly Pregnancy Update: 33 Weeks!

Wow, 33 weeks! It doesn’t seem possible that I only have 7 more to go! We have SO much to prepare before baby comes! I had my first baby shower this week and got a bunch of AWESOME stuff, so that helps us for sure! Though we still have a lot more essentials left to purchase! The most awesome gift we got though was a jogging stroller!! I’m so excited to use it!

Anyway….here’s the details of my week. 


Workouts: I was able to get all but one of my planned workouts in this week, so I’m pretty pleased about that! Sunday I did my usual 1 hr bike ride, then Monday I got up early for a 2,400yd swim. I was a little slower than most of my previous times–finished it in 41:30 min. Not too bad, and I felt good. In the evening, I did my preggo lifting. :) Tuesday and Thursday I was able to run 6 miles each day feeling pretty good! On Wednesday, I biked an hour again. Unfortunately, on Friday, I forgot to bring my biking clothes to work, so I didn’t get a chance to squeeze in a ride! When I got home, I had to quickly eat and get ready to go to my baby shower, so no workout for me Friday. Saturday though, I somehow managed to get in another 10 mile run (with some walking)! Pregnancy-wise I felt great–no belly bouncing, no fatigue, nice low heart rate. My calves were SUPER tight from miles 3-7 though! I almost turned back several times because I was annoyed with having to keep stopping to stretch/walk. I pressed on though, and eventually they loosened up and I had a good last 3 miles of my run. :)

Running Pace: My two weekly runs were 9:30-10 min pace…..definitely slowing down. On Saturday, the times I was running, I was doing 9:30 miles, but with all the walking, I averaged 10:17 min/mile pace. Nothing to write home about, but for nearly 33 weeks pregnant, I’ll take it!!

Symptoms: I wasn’t quite as tired this week thankfully, but I did have some MAJOR heart burn toward the end of the week! One night it woke me up and I felt like my chest was on FIRE! Not fun…..

Rings: Still on! Occasionally if I’m outside at night when it’s super humid, my fingers will swell slightly, but mostly we’re doin good!

Cravings:  Not really anything…..though I am missing coffee something fierce!

Aversions: I’m still not brave enough to try salmon again. :) I probably won’t for the rest of the pregnancy.

Weight gain: Total of 16.8 pounds. Hard to say exactly how much of that was from this week since my scale was so wacko last week.

Clothes: Still wearing my pre-pregnancy khakis, and almost completely in maternity shirts every day.

Appointments: I had my ultrasound this week, and everything checked out ok! Baby girl is in the 32nd percentile, so she’s not big for sure, but she’s not concernedly small! The doctor was satisfied with her growth. This coming Friday is my next OB appointment.

Races: I’m still running, so I’d like to fit in that 5k this Tuesday night. I’ll have to see if I can get home from work in time for it though!

Overall, a challenging week as I’m getting larger and more uncomfortable, but I’m pretty pleased with how active and strong I still am!

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