Weekly Pregnancy Update: 34 Weeks!

Um, how did I get 34 weeks pregnant already! 6 weeks till due date feels dangerously close! On one hand, I’m ready to just be done with being pregnant, but on the other, I’m not looking forward to labor or the lack of sleep resulting from having a newborn. :) Right now, she’s pretty easy to take care of when she’s tucked nicely inside me. :) Here’s my pregnancy update for this week.

I think she's a basketball now :)

I think she’s a basketball now :)

Workouts: I completed all of my workouts this week, though not without GREAT challenges! My official motto now is “anyone can train through 30 weeks of pregnancy, it takes DEDICATION to last the rest of the way!” Seriously, every week it’s harder and harder to do my “workouts”. My belly is getting big…. Anyway, I did have a decent week of workouts all things considered. On Sunday, I did my usual hour on the bike trainer. On Monday, we all had the day off, so we took a family outing to the pool and I swam 2,000 meters in 43 minutes. Then in the afternoon, I did my prego lifting. On Tuesday, I ran 5 miles at it was a STRUGGLE! I had to walk a good amount due to tight calves. Wednesday, I got in a good hour bike ride on my trainer with no problems. Thursday, I tried running again–got in 6 miles with slightly less difficulty, but still tightness. Friday, I did a 45 minute spin at work during one of my breaks. IMG_2528

Then Saturday came. I rolled out of bed with tight calves already…I didn’t have much hope for anything longer than 5 miles, but I decided I would try a 5 min run/1 min walk ratio. And it worked! It kept the tightness at bay, and actually by the time I hit 7 miles, I wasn’t tight at all anymore, so I ran the last 3 miles no problem!

Running Pace: My running pace actually is still around 9:15/30, but I had to walk some on all of my runs this week. Tuesday, my actual average with walking was 11:08, Thursday’s was 10:53, and Saturday’s was 10:43. I’m just happy to still be moving!

Symptoms: Still tired, but not completely unbearable. Other than that, the only symptoms are tight calves….well, tight legs in general. I’m actually going in on Monday to get a massage which will hopefully reduce some of my tightness!! Oh, and baby kicked me super hard in the ribs one night this week ALL night! She kicked so much that my ribs were sore for the entire next day!

Rings: Still on! It was a hot week, so there were a few nights where it was difficult taking them off at night, but for the most part, no swelling.

Cravings:  Chocolate.

Aversions: A couple times this week, I hated chicken again…other than that it’s still just salmon.

Weight gain: Total of 17.4 pounds. (.6 this week)

Clothes: Still wearing my pre-pregnancy khakis, but they are nearing the end of their life! They were feeling pretty tight this week, so I ordered a pair of maternity work pants. I’m solely in maternity shirts now too.

Appointments: I had another OB appointment on Friday, I’m still measuring small, but I’ve grown since my last visit, so the OB wasn’t concerned. Next one is in 2 weeks, and then I’m going in every week till baby comes!

Races: I didn’t do the 5k this week….I didn’t finish work in time to get over to the race site. I was hoping to do a 7 mile race on Saturday, but it was almost an hour drive, so I didn’t think it was worth it. I may not race again until after baby!

So, kind of a rough week, but I’m still super active, and so is baby, so that’s all I can hope for!

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