Weekly Pregnancy Update: 35 Weeks!

Woah, 35 weeks! Time is really starting to fly! Probably my last few weeks though, I’ll feel like are dragging. I think I’m actually kind of getting the hang of this whole pregnancy thing, (finally) so I’m not minding it so much now! Other than my giant belly, I really don’t FEEL pregnant! I’ll definitely say the 3rd trimester has been my most enjoyable even with the added size and fatigue.IMG_2548

Workouts: This was a MUCH better week for my workouts! On Sunday and Wednesday, I road an hour on my bike trainer. Even though my belly is getting huge, I can still manage biking pretty well! I’m shocked and pleased about that. :) On Monday, I was feeling super tired in the morning, but I managed to drag myself to the pool and swam 2,000yds. In the evening, I went and got a prenatal massage which helped my calves IMMENSELY!!! On Tuesday when I went to run, I was a little bit tight, but didn’t have much difficulty at all, so I ran 7 miles! Also, on Tuesday, after work the hubs and I took the dogs for a mile walk. On Wednesday evening, I did my prego lifting. Thursday rolled around and I actually felt even better muscle-wise, so I ran another 7 miles! On Friday, I had to be in to work early again, so I got in 45 minutes on the spin bike at work. In the evening, we went to a corn maze with friends of ours and we walked about 4 miles!! We had fun though. :)

I've officially got the prego-hustle down. :)

I’ve officially got the prego-hustle down. :)

Saturday, I had to work a cross country meet at work, so I got up and took the dogs for a mile walk, then headed in to work. For 6 hours, I was on my feet and I hardly ever stopped walking the whole time! I was super beat after! It felt like I’d run a marathon…. As a result, I did not work out the rest of the day, but this morning I might fit a run in. We will see. :)

Running Pace: Both of my runs were right around 10 minute pace this week. My RUNNING pace is still 9:30, but I still had to take occasional walk breaks and potty breaks, so those slowed my pace down. Actually, my last mile on Tuesday was 8:30 pace!!

Symptoms: Occasional tiredness, but not bad at all! I actually felt pretty energetic again this week! I have back pain in the morning when I wake up, but that’s it!

Rings: Still on! No swelling anywhere, but they do get a little tight on hot days.

Cravings:  No cravings in particular, but I have had a big appetite this week!

Aversions: Nothing! I even ate Salmon this week and loved it!!

Weight gain: Total of 19 pounds. (1lb this week!)

Clothes: Still wearing my pre-pregnancy khakis! I’ve had to resort to only buttoning one button at the top and wearing my bella band. I’m loving my maternity khakis, but I’m going to wear my normal ones until I can’t anymore! The only non-maternity shirts I’m wearing these days are workout shirts for running, and a few flowy, empire-waist dress shirts that I’ve had forever and never used to wear because they made me look like I was pregnant. :)

Appointments: Tuesday will be my last “two week” visit, then it’s every week after that! On Thursday this week, we had our “laboring naturally” class, so we’re all prepped for birth now! I was pleased to discover that a lot of the “birthing techniques” involve squats and lunges. :)

Races: Probably none until after baby. The next race that I COULD do is a 5k on Oct 10th, but that’s 15 days till due date, so it’s highly doubtful :)

So that was my week! Overall, a much better week than my last 4, so I’m super pumped about that! Feeling great and loving how “easy” it is to take care of my baby while she’s IN my belly. :)

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