Weekly Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks

Oh my, 36 weeks! We are officially 4 WEEKS till due date! This whole pregnancy, I was worried about her coming early, but now I kinda think she’ll be late since she’s growing small. We’ll see! In the meantime, I’ve officially begun my “taper” to store up my energy for “race day”. :)12038048_10100204333706824_3462435725790738657_n

This was a hard week for me….possibly my hardest since 1st trimester. My back was excruciatingly sore Monday-Wednesday, which made everything rough. But thankfully the rest of the week was better!

Workouts: I was able to get all my workouts in this week, but they were much more difficult than last week–especially running! Sunday was a good day for me. I got up and ran 3 miles before church, then after church, I biked an hour on my trainer. Monday, I had a good swim (2,200yds) in the morning, but that was it for the day. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I ran just 5 miles each. Like I said, I’m “tapering”, so my plan is to run 1 mile for each week I have left every time I run. :) On Wednesday, I biked an hour on my trainer before work and then did my prego lifting and then a 1 mile walk in the evening. Friday was my early day at work, so I squeezed in a 40 minute spin in between teaching and meetings.

Running Pace: All of my runs were sloooooow this week. Actually, I felt pretty miserable running every day this week until Saturday I finally felt good! My pace was high 10 minute miles for all my runs until Saturday-sub 10 minute miles AND my last mile was 8:46!

Symptoms: I really wasn’t tired at all this week. I’d say my biggest symptom was the back pain, and also nausea a couple days. :/

Rings: Still on!

Cravings:  No cravings, just hungry all the time. :)

Aversions: Nada!

Weight gain: Total of 20.4 pounds. (1.4lb this week! Growwwwwwth spurt!)

Clothes: Somehow, my pre-pregnancy khakis still fit. They were a size too big pre-pregnancy, so that’s why I guess. I have been gravitating more toward my maternity work pants though just because they are more comfortable. I’m definitely in all maternity shirts too. I’m getting sick of my same 5 ones over and over, so I’ve been trying to get creative with different sweaters/jackets/scarves to accessorize.

Appointments: I saw my OB on Tuesday for a regular check and my strep-B test. Hoping results come back negative so I don’t need antibiotics in labor! I’m now on the weekly appointment schedule, so that’ll be…….fun…. :) Still measuring small, but baby girl is growing steadily so my doctor isn’t concerned anymore.

Races: Yea, races are done for this pregnancy :)

Well, another week down! 4 (hopefully) more to go! Wish me luck :)

Any other pregnant readers out there? How is your pregnancy training going? 

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