Weekly Pregnancy Update: 37 Weeks!

We are getting dangerously close to baby girl’s due date! I can’t believe we are at 37 weeks already! But at the same time, I’m getting to the point where I feel like I’ve been pregnant For-EVER! :) Still though, I’m happy to have baby girl rest safely in my belly for the next few weeks still (or more). We almost have everything ready for baby girl too–we just ordered the last essentials yesterday, so it won’t be long before everything is complete! I even packed my “labor bag” for the hospital this week.IMG_2563

Here’s how my week went….

Workouts: This was a really good week of workouts for me! It’s funny, it seems like we are to the point where every other week is a success. :) Running was SO much better for me this week than last! In fact, I felt so good running that I sort of regretted my decision to “taper” down 1 mile per week. Until just a couple weeks ago, I was still doing 10 mile runs on Saturdays, so it feels weird to “only” do 4 miles at a time! :) Anyway, where’s what the workouts looked like for me this week:

Sunday: 1 hour bike ride on my trainer

Monday: 2,000yd swim in 37 minutes plus a 1 mile walk with the hubs and dogs in the evening.

Tuesday: 4 mile run in the morning plus my preggo lifting

Wednesday: 1 hour bike ride on the trainer

Thursday: 4 mile run in the morning

Friday: 40 minutes on the stationary bike at work plus 4 hours of standing/walking/ lifting while working a cross country meet!!

Saturday: 4 mile run

Still looks like a lot of training for someone this pregnant, but if you remember what I used to do pre-pregnancy, this truly IS cutting down significantly :)

Running Pace: My average running pace now is definitely closer to 10:30, but I’m still truckin along, and occasionally I still hit a 9 minute mile!

Symptoms: I am starting to get pretty grumpy…..more grumpy than earlier in my pregnancy. :) Other than that, I’ve just had some occasional back pain.

Rings: Still on for the most part, but I didn’t wear them to work on Friday knowing I was going to work the cross country meet.

Cravings:  No cravings. I guess I made it through this pregnancy without craving anything!

Aversions: Nada!

Weight gain: Total of 21.8 pounds. (another 1.4lb this week! We’re growing now, baby!)

Clothes: I’m still able to fit into my pre-pregnancy khakis for work! This has been awesome because I realllllly wasn’t looking forward to purchasing a bunch of new pants. Now I figure I’m so “close” to the end that I might as well make them work for the remainder of my time pregnant. All of my shirts are maternity, and now that it’s getting cold, I’m adding my sweaters over top of them so I haven’t had to buy many new clothes.

As far as baby clothes go, we’ve gotten a ton of awesome, cute little outfits from baby showers!

Appointments: I got my results back from my step-B test, and I was negative, yay!!! I had another weekly check this week too and baby is doing good, but measuring very small. My doctor was worried, so she ordered another ultrasound to check her growth. She’s still growing, but she is on the smaller side for sure. She’s actually measuring about 10 days late, so she might be a November baby!

That was my week in a nutshell! I only have 3 more weeks of work until due date! I don’t think I’ll return after my due date even if I go overdue…..it won’t be fun answering the “when are you due” question, when my due date is in the past! :)

How long did/do you work and workout when you’re pregnant?

Do you go straight up until due date like I hope to?

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