Weekly Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks!

Woah, 38 weeks! We are getting seriously close! People are starting to look at me like I’m a ticking time bomb when I tell them how far along I am! :) It’s kinda humorous! Here is my weekly pregnancy update. :)

We had maternity photos taken yesterday-here's one of my favorites!

We had maternity photos taken yesterday-here’s one of my favorites!

Workouts: This was overall a pretty good week of workouts for me! I feel like I’m doing hardly anything, which is typically how I feel during a taper, so I guess that’s a good thing. :) I’m definitely not over-doing it, and hopefully I’m still maintaining enough activity to keep me strong during and after labor! Here’s what my week looked like:

Sunday: 1 hour bike ride on my trainer in the morning, then an NFL football game in the afternoon!

me and my bump :)

me and my bump ready for some football:)

Monday: 2,000yd swim in 37 minutes. I was NOT motivated, but felt fine and made it through. :)

Tuesday: 3.15 mile run in the morning plus my preggo lifting after I finished. One of the perks of only running a few miles is I have more time to get a lift in after my run. :)

Wednesday: 1 hour bike ride on the trainer. This was a little rough….biking on the trainer is definitely starting to get uncomfortable.

Thursday: 3.15 mile run in the morning

Friday: “rest” day…..I was SO BUSY at work that I didn’t have a chance to get a bike ride in :( BUT, I did have an awesome surprise baby shower that my co-workers threw me!12086780_10100207836641914_561220132_n

Saturday: 3.15 mile run in the morning, then maternity pics later that day!

Running Pace: My average pace this week was between 10-10:30 min/miles. Getting slower, but still feeling really good!

Symptoms: Heartburn is back……though not as bad as earlier in my pregnancy! Other than that, I just have occasional back pain, but it’s pretty minor.

Rings: Still on, but getting harder to put on and take off. Hoping to make it through to the end of the pregnancy, but we’ll see!

Cravings:  Sorry, still no cravings….

Aversions: Nada!

Weight gain: Total of 20.6 pounds…..yea according to the scale, I lost weight this week. Not sure how.

Clothes: I’m still stuffing myself into my work khakis! Thankfully my legs haven’t grown too much, so they still fit me pretty well. And since I’m not carrying too low, my pelvis hasn’t expanded a ton. I’m loving my 1 pair of maternity work pants though, and am completely in maternity shirts. Some of them are even starting to look like they’re going to be too short soon!

Appointments: I’m now in the every-week appointment phase, so my next one will be on Thursday. I fully expect the doctor to order another ultrasound because I’m “too small”…. Oh well, I’m used to it at this point!

So that was my week! We took a ton of maternity shots yesterday. I’ll share a few with you! DSC08333DSC08337DSC08373DSC08384Hope you enjoyed them! We had SO much fun taking them!! Excited for these next two weeks (plus who knows how many more….) until baby comes!


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