Weekly Pregnancy Update: 39 Weeks!

39 Weeks! We don’t have much farther now! Or at least I hope we don’t because in the last day, I’ve become incredibly uncomfortable! No cute belly pic for me this week, because this is how I spent much of the day on Saturday…IMG_2583Actually, I had a great week and felt awesome until Saturday, and I feel much better this morning! I think I over-did it a little on Thursday and Friday because I was “off” for fall break, and did some major food-prepping for after baby comes! Speaking of prepping, this is what my husband did all day on Saturday…IMG_2582

Hard to tell exactly from the photo, but clearly you can see our bedroom (and baby girl’s first sleeping area) in upheaval… Yes, hubs decided he would start painting our bathroom and bedroom on Wednesday of this week….he worked every night, but didn’t get to do a whole lot until Saturday. He finally did finish it, but he definitely pushed the limit on room renovations leading up to the due date of his daughter!! :) Here’s the finished product.  


 So, other than Saturday, here’s how the rest of my week went…

Workouts: Like I said, until Saturday, I felt really good this week and I got all my workouts in!

Sunday: 1 hour bike ride on my trainer in the afternoon.

Monday: 2,000yd swim in 37 minutes. Felt super pregnant as I could just barely squeeze on my swim suit, but I made it through again! One more (maybe) swim workout till birth!

Tuesday: I decided that I should taper as if I’m going to go a week over due with baby, so therefore, I still did my 3.15 mile run on Tuesday instead of dropping down to 2 miles this week. :) Mostly, I felt like 2 miles was hardly anything, and I felt great, so why not go for more? :) When I got back, I fit in my lifting routine before heading to work.

Wednesday: 1 hour bike ride on the trainer again. I almost got off after 30 minutes because my belly felt gigantic, but I toughed it out and was glad I did!

Thursday: 3.15 mile run in the morning again. Felt awesome and even did 9:30 miles! I had my OB appointment later in the morning, and then spent the rest of the day grocery shopping and meal-prepping! Yea, I was exhausted at the end of the day…

Friday: I woke up less motivated after my busy day Thursday, but felt fine, so I did a leisurely bike ride on the trainer for an hour, and then hit the kitchen for the last of the food-prep! I stocked our entire chest freezer with about 30 meals for 3/4 people! We are now well prepared to feed ourselves when baby comes! 

Saturday: Misery…..blah…..just didn’t feel good all day. Guess that’s what happens when you work yourself to death when you’re nearing the end of your 38th week of pregnancy! My belly was queasy and uncomfortable feeling, so instead of running, I decided to go for a walk. Durango and I still did 3 miles at his VERY leisurely pace of 20+ min miles! I did feel better after getting outside though, so I was glad.

Running Pace: My average pace this week was actually closer to 10 min miles on the two days I ran at least!

Symptoms: A little heartburn, during the week, but not as bad as it has been. Mostly just back pain and then Saturday’s nastiness.

Rings: Still on, and the weather got super cold this week, so I don’t anticipate a risk of swelling now!

Cravings:  I guess you could say bread this week. I’ve definitely wanted and eaten a lot more than my normal amount.

Aversions: NONE

Weight gain: Total of 23 pounds! Of course this was weighing myself with clothes after my breakfast, so it might be a smidge under that. At the doctor on Thursday, I’d gained 22lbs.

Clothes: As of Wednesday, I was still wearing my work khakis, but I feel like I’ve grown since then, so who knows if I’ll fit into them this week! I’m now in my longer maternity shirts too. I had one that was getting a tad too short, so it’s retired now!

Appointments: My appointment on Thursday went very well! My belly had grown 4cm! So baby was still measuring small, but since she’d grown so much in a week, no ultrasound necessary! Also, I broke down and finally got my flu shot….since baby is being born smack dab during flu season, the doctors stressed it like crazy. Fine…

Whew, that was a long week! With everything that happened, and how much I grew, it felt more like two weeks! The end is definitely near! Or the beginning….:)


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