Weekly recap: bipolar weather edition

Well this sure was quite the week for bipolar weather in Ohio! The me recap with you how this last week has gone. Last Saturday, I ran my long run in 3 inches of freshly fallen snow. Yesterday’s long run? Beautiful sunny skies, 50 degrees! Here’s how the weekly mileage went:

Sunday: T25 Ab intervals in the morning (yes! back to T25 this week!), 3 hour bike ride on my trainer in the afternoon.

Monday: T25 Total Body, T25 Speed 1.0. I’m now using T25 for my “strength training” day.

Tuesday: 6.1 mile morning run after an ice storm. Wore my yaktraks and felt great! In the evening, I swam 2,200 meters in the pool.

IMG_0865[1]Wednesday: 2 hour bike workout on the trainer all in zone 3 power. This was a tough one, but I got through it!

Thursday: 7.1 mile morning run workout. Got caught in a thunderstorm for this one! (Told ya the weather was bipolar this week!). 2,700 meter swim in the evening.

Friday: 1.5 hour bike workout on the trainer. I felt so dead for this workout! I had to modify it to get through it :/ I was bummed because that’s the first workout I’ve had to modify in at least 8 weeks! Next week is rest week/test week though, so I’ll get a break!

Saturday: 2 hour run (16.3 miles) in 50 degrees! It was so beautiful out! AND, all that snow and ice melted rapidly over the last couple days, so several roads were flooded too! Note the picture below…yes, that is a waterfall going across the road. Yes, I ran through it…twice. Stupid runner’s brain of mine couldn’t comprehend the idea of taking a different route when I saw the “road closed, high water” sign! Haha, my feet were pretty cold for a couple miles both times! Always an adventure…

image-38Saturday evening, we went to the pool and I swam 3,500 meters.

All in all, it was another productive training week! I was feeling tired the last couple days, so I’m going to get my blood tested to make sure I’m not dealing with low iron as I get into my next phase of training!

Weekly totals: 15 hours of training

Swim: 8,400 meters (3.5 hours)

Bike: 6.5 hours

Run: 29.5 miles (3 hrs, 45 min)

T25: 3 workouts (1 hr, 15 min)


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