Weekly recap: spring break edition!

Here’s my weekly recap! It was nice to have a relaxed week of training since I was on spring break! Here’s what my training week looked like.

Sunday: T25 Dynamic Core in the morning, then a 3 hr bike ride in the afternoon, followed by a 15 min run immediately after.

Monday: T25 Upper Focus, and T25 Core Cardio. This was an intense workout! You can read about how it destroyed me here! It was seriously insane….the funny thing though is I wasn’t sore the next day! IMG_0898[1]

Tuesday: I ran 7.5 miles in the morning (this was my hill workout), then did a 2,800 meter swim workout in the evening.

Wednesday: My new crazy bike workout! It was very hard-contained several VERY intense but short intervals. It was 1hr, 50 minutes total

Thursday: 6.5 mile run-I didn’t feel too spunky here. In the afternoon, I did T25 Ab Intervals and then 10 minutes on my halo swim trainer bench. I skipped my evening swim though-I was feeling lazy after cleaning the house all afternoon!

Friday: 2 hour bike workout with my friend Kelly! Then I did my Thursday’s swim workout in the afternoon. It totaled 3,200 meters in 1:10.admin-ajax-1.php

Saturday: 18 mile long run in 2hrs, 15 min! It was so nice and warm out (48 degrees)! I may have even gotten a little sun burnt! In the evening, we went and did our long swim. 3,600 meters for me! When we got home, I did the T25 stretch dvd to get some good focused stretching on my poor tight muscles! It was a pretty hard training day.

Totals for the week:

T25: 4 workouts plus the stretch dvd (2 hrs, 5 min)

Halo swim bench: 10 min

Run: 34 miles (4 hrs, 16 min)

Bike: 6 hrs, 50 minutes.

Swim: 9,600 meters (3 hrs, 27 min)

Total training time for the week: 16 hrs, 48 min

I’m looking forward to getting back to my normal routine next week! My training is really ramping up, so I’m hoping my easy week this past week will give me a kick-start!

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