Weekly recap: Test week!

I had a great test week this week! I had an even better rest week :) It’s nice to just have some time to relax a little and not train quite as many hours as normal :) Here’s what my week looked like.

Sunday: In the morning, I did T25 Ab Intervals and  T25 Stretch, then a 3 hour bike ride in the afternoon.

Monday: T25 Total Body

Tuesday: 5.6 mile easy run in the morning, then 2,200 meter swim in the evening (just doing drills)

Wednesday: 1 hour bike ride

Thursday: 5 mile easy run in the morning, then my swim test in the evening! (1,600 meters total)

Friday: Bike test…..horrible. See Friday’s post :) (1 hr total)

Saturday: Run test in the morning! It went so well! I was nervous about how my legs would feel after my rough bike test the day before, but my Hammer Nutrition Recoverite did the job, and I felt great! It was almost 40 degrees with 10mph winds yesterday morning here. About as close to ideal as you can get in Ohio during the winter! I tried to start at 6:05 min/mile pace, but I was so excited about the test that I went a tad quicker than that. Thankfully I was able to hold it most of the time, only slowing slightly in the last few minutes. I averaged exactly 6:00 min/mile pace for the whole 30 minute test! That’s 4 seconds per mile faster than last month’s test! I did 9 miles total for the day including warm-up and cool-down. hammer feb updateAfter my test, we went to the pool and I swam 3,500 meters nice and easy :) When we got home, I did the T25 Stretch workout-I needed it!

Here are my totals for the week:

Run: 19.6 miles (2 hrs, 20 min)

Bike: 5 hours

Swim: 7,300 meters (2 hrs, 35 min)

T25: 3 workouts (1 hr, 15 min)

Total training time: 11 hrs, 10 min


So that’s my week! How did the last week of February go for you folks? Hope it went well and that you have a great month of training coming up!


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