Weekly Training Update: 1st 10k race!

Happy Monday everyone! Did you all enjoy the extra hour yesterday morning/Saturday night? I sure did! I had a great week of training this past week! I finished off the week with my 1st ever 10k race! Here’s my weekly training update:

Monday: Rest day! I was pretty sore and tired from pacing/crewing for my friend in her ultra marathon the day before, so I decided to take the day off of activity. :)

Tuesday: My legs were still not feeling up to running by Tuesday morning, so I decided to bike instead. I rode about 65 minutes before work. I also decided not to lift in the afternoon. I probably COULD have, but figured it wouldn’t do me much good since my legs were so tired from the weekend.

Wednesday: I biked again before work-about 65 minutes again.

What my morning rides look like now :)

What my morning rides look like now :)

I was supposed to swim in the evening, but my shoulder was bothering me, so I wimped out. :/

Thursday: Back to the “regular” schedule! I ran 6 miles in the morning. It was a decent run, but I was pretty slow. :/ I was hoping after 2 months of heart rate training that I’d start to see some results…..not yet… I did get back to lifting again on my lunch break! I felt pretty good and was able to increase my weights a little!

Friday: Biked in the morning before work-about 70 minutes. In the evening, I finished brewing our first ever batch of kombucha, and we tried it! YUM!

John approved!

John approved!

Saturday: Rest day. John and I had a BUSY day running errands and cleaning the house. That was enough activity for me!

Sunday: Thanks to daylight savings ending, I woke up early on my own in the morning, so I decided to get in a 2 hour bike ride before heading to church! Then, after church, we headed straight to my 10k trail race that was at 1pm! It was an Ohio Road River Runners Club event (which I am now a member of), so it was a free race for me! It was a GREAT day to run too! Gorgeous fall weather! The race was hilly, rocky, full of roots, some mud, and 4 STEEP stair climbs! It was SO FUN! AND, I got 1st place overall female! :)

Showing off my 1st place mug!

Showing off my 1st place mug!

A few of my friends were there running the race too, so that was fun. I’m excited for my next ORRRC event!

How was your week of training?

Any races coming up for you?

Have you ever tried kombucha??

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