Weekly “training” Update

I am almost 3 weeks postpartum now and overall feeling pretty good! I’m starting to get used to being a zombie, haha! I get about 6 hours of sleep a night (in 2-3hr increments)….. I know I should nap during the day, but I’ve always been a bad napper, so I’ve not been able to get a nap in since baby girl’s birth. Physically, I’m feeling pretty good, though there are days where I feel better than others. I’ve been able to do a little more activity this week though, so I’m starting to feel like a “normal” person in that aspect! Here’s what my week looked like…

Sunday: rest day

Monday: I took Durango for a 2 mile walk! It was a beautiful morning and I was so glad to be outside again, even if I was only walking!

Tuesday: I got real ambitious and I did a T25 workout! I chose to do the cardio one, but I did the modified version, and went VERY slow paced. I didn’t even sweat while I was doing it, so I know I took it easy. :)IMG_0412

Wednesday: I decided to do my old pregnancy lifting routine and it went pretty well! Just enough to feel like I was doing something, but not enough to over-do it!

Thursday: I over-did it. Haha….. I did T25 abs in the morning. Looking back, this was probably not the smartest decision. My pelvic floor muscles weren’t very happy the rest of the day. Also, in the afternoon, I took the baby with me to do some exchanges at the mall….and quickly realized there are no grocery carts in malls…..and I didn’t bring the stroller. SO, I had to lug her around in her car seat all over the store! I was EXHAUSTED after! And, I looked like an idiot the whole time because all the other women with babies were strolling their little babies around in of course, their strollers…. Haha, another new mom fail for the books. :)

Friday: I was feeling a bit better than Thursday, but I didn’t want to set back my recovery, so hubs and I went for a 1.2 mile walk with the baby and the dogs.

hubs wore the baby for this walk!

hubs wore the baby for this walk!

....and I had to deal with these two. Seriously, they pulled in opposite directions the entire walk! Talk about a workout. :)

….and I had to deal with these two. Seriously, they pulled in opposite directions the entire walk! Talk about a workout. :)

Saturday: I was still leary of pushing myself too far, so I just did some lifting with my arms and that was it for the day. However, baby girl decided to have a growth spurt on Saturday as well, so I was feeding her basically ALL DAY LONG! That burnt a lot of calories and energy as well!

Let me tell you, this parenting thing is hard work! Actually, I’m not really a parent right now….I’m a milk factory…and a diaper changing MACHINE! I seriously impress myself with how fast I can change her diaper now. :)

So that was my week! My goal for 4 weeks postpartum is to do some sort of “running”. I won’t do it unless I feel very confident by then, so we’ll call it a lofty goal. I think it’ll be a looooooong while before I see my bike. And the pool will wait a while until I can figure out how to time Zoe’s feeding schedule so that I can go to the gym and back without her needing to eat. It will be an interesting time figuring out how to be an athlete AND a mom to a newborn, but I’m excited for the challenge!

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