Weekly Training Update

This week, I finally felt like I was able to get into some sort of routine as far as keeping my baby alive and training goes! Baby girl is starting to have a relatively predictable schedule (most days), so I was able to get things done and fit in some workouts. AND, I was feeling pretty great overall too! I found that it was awesome to be able to have my T25 workout dvds, because I could workout while having the baby in her crib right beside me. This way if (when) she woke up, I could attend to her right away. Hopefully soon I’ll feel more comfortable actually working out OUTSIDE of the house. :) Here’s what I did this week.

Here’s an updated “belly” pic for ya!

Sunday: Rest Day

Monday: T25 Speed 1.0. I did this in a VERY modified manner, but still felt like I did something after!

Tuesday: I wanted to take a break from T25 so as not to overdo it so early in the week, so I did my lifting routine that I did while I was pregnant. It’s starting to get pretty easy for me, so I’m going to have to start stepping it up soon!

Wednesday: I decided to try T25 Lower Focus. Again, I did the modified version, so I felt pretty good!

Thursday: 1.2 mile walk with the dogs and kids, and T25 Total Body. This is the hardest workout on T25 as far as I’m concerned, but with doing the modified version, it was actually pretty easy! My arms were sore from all the pushups still though!

Friday: I slept like NOTHING Thursday night, so I almost didn’t do a workout, but the baby was taking a decent name mid morning, so I figured I’d squeeze in a T25. I did Beta Upper Focus this time and felt great! Later in the afternoon, I took a well-earned nap. :)

Saturday: In the morning, I did T25 Cardio (again, the modified version–still not comfortable jumping), and then in the afternoon, we took the whole family to a nearby trail and had an awesome hike! Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink

Weight loss: I’m down to just 1.4 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m actually trying not to get back down to that weight because I want to put on some more muscle. Hopefully as I start working out again, I can do that! Gotta get my legs and arms stronger for some improved triathlon times!!

So, there’s my weekly update! I’m still hoping to start running next week, and maybe swimming too!

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