Weekly Training Update

Whew, this is getting out later than normal today! It’s been a busy week and weekend with my family coming to stay with us Wednesday through this morning for Thanksgiving/meeting the baby! We had a great time though! They were super helpful to us with getting things done around the house, and I had training partners too. :) Here’s what my week looked like:

Sunday: rest day

Monday: I wasn’t ready to start trying to swim yet, so I did T25 Lower Focus

Tuesday: 3 mile run! Felt a little better than last week, and kept about an 8:50 pace

Wednesday: I biked! Just 30 minutes, but it wasn’t so bad! :)

Thursday: My sister and brother in law were here, so I did a little turkey trot with them! 3.3 miles, at 8:30 pace, and I felt good!

Friday: My sister brought her T25 Gamma workouts, so we tried the Rip’T Up workout, and I loved it!

Saturday: 4.5 mile run! We did about 8:25 pace, and I felt even better than Thursday!

This week I’m going to try more biking, AND hit the pool! Wish me luck!

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