Weekly Training Update: Almost there!

Time for my weekly training update! You may have noticed I took a few days off from blogging this week. Work has been crazy busy! BUT, I am almost there! This coming week brings finals and graduation, so after next weekend, I’ll be significantly less busy!! Despite my busy schedule and having to take time off of blogging, I was able to get almost all of my workouts in this week. Here’s how I did:

Sunday: In the morning, I did T25 Alpha Ab Intervals, then in the afternoon I had a 3 hour bike ride, then 15 minute run.

Monday: I had the day off work (hard to believe that was THIS week!) so I did two T25 workouts (Rip’T circuit and Upper Focus), then I spent three hours weeding my gardens! image (4)

Tuesday: 7 mile tempo workout for my run in the morning. Then 3,000 meter swim workout in the evening.

Wednesday: Hardest bike workout EVER!! It was only 1:30 hours, but man was it tough! DSC05155-1

Thursday: 7.2 mile run workout in the morning. After work, we planned on going swimming, but decided to skip it to hang out with some friends. I needed some time off of training anyway, so it worked out well.

Friday: 2 hour bike workout-much easier than Wednesday’s ride thankfully!

Saturday: Let’s just say Saturday was difficult. Mentally, I was very drained from the busy week. I got through it though, and felt much better after! My long run was different than I’ve ever done before. Since I’m now training specifically for half Ironman races, I need to train myself to run in “zone 3” which is half marathon pace. Because of this, my long run looked more like a workout. It was supposed to be 6X9 minutes in zone 3, then 40 minutes in zone 2. Since last weekend I only ran 10 miles, I decided to cut this one off after 20 minutes in zone 2. It ended up being 12.56 miles in 1 hr, 35 minutes. After lunch, we went to the pool where I did 4X500 meters fast, then 20 minutes in zone 2.

Totals for the week:

Running: 28.76 miles (3 hrs, 49 min)

Bike: 6.5 hours

Swimming: 6,500 meters (2 hrs, 14 min)

T25: 3 workouts (1 hr, 15 min)

Total Training Time: 13 hours, 48 minutes

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